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Fastest Moto GP Movie

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by kingy, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. Well i went and seen this movie last night. i enjoyed every last second of it.. great movie some very funny parts and a great insight to the world of MOTO GP.

    not to mention it was the last time you will ever see the 58 on a big screen..

    the turnout to the movie was pretty poor maybe 8 people in total lol..

    all in all 8/10

  2. +1 caught it last night too, was excellent
  3. where you at MIRANDA movies ??
  4. Knox City
  5. Wish it was getting a longer run, wasn't a good weekend for me to try and catch it.
  6. I saw it at george st last night. There was like 10 other people in the cinema, I was the only person who rode in. Felt like the dork dressed up at a harry potter movie when no body else did lol.
    I think the DVD comes out in the states on the 15th so can order it from OS soon enough.
  7. what was your opinion of the movie overall ??
  8. It was definitely well done, and alot better then faster. But I think it will only appeal to the motorcycle crowd while something like TT3d will appeal to people who aren't in to motorcycles much as it has a much more human interest quality about it.

    It was great seeing the underworks of what it takes to get a motogp running and not just concentrating on the riders.

    The guys are true battlers, getting back when the injuries haven't even fully healed is just awe inspiring. Seeing Marco's parts were quite sad, especially where he talks so devil may care about his aggressive riding style.

    To be honest I was expecting something like one of those Moto GP reviews, I quite enjoyed the parts where they went to Rossi's home village and took it that step further to show how the riders grew up and ended up in the sport. The pizza guy who so proudly shows off his pizza delivery number that ends with a fluro yellow 46 cracked me up.

    Overall if you are in to bikes, see it. If you are in to motogp its a can't miss. (if you are male its worth it just to perve on de puniet's girlfriend)
  9. I saw it a couple of days ago at Castlehill, I thought it was awesome. I liked it better than TT3D, which was still awesome
  10. Tony & I went to see it along with my brother & his wife.
    dunno what's going on in Melbourne, but here in Adelaide the cinema was FULL!!

    almost EVERYONE rode in. My sister in law wore her Rossi shirt lol.

    absolutely loved it, some amazing shots, great interviews, loved Rossi's home town (the priest CRACKED me up!).

    well worth a watch guys.
  11. Push
    Ay push
    Ay pushed
    Pushed harda
    Ay try tu push
    Ay try harda tu push

    Watched it on it's first night of release at Highpoint, theatre was 1/2 full.
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  12. I saw it last night at chadstone. Cinema was about half full. good movie. Can't help but feel it was a bit late. Would have been a great way to get pumped to this season. also I think they focused quite alot on the negativity and the crashes, but still, a good flick.
  13. Saw it Saturday night at Knox with a few of the Tuesday night coffee crew. Great movie showing what it takes and how some of them have moved up the ranks. The riders certainly don't hold back when it comes to saying how it is.......Anti wheelie, anti spin, anti ????

  14. I didn't think it was better than its prequel.

    If your a Rossi fan you'll love fastest, but fastest pretty much revolved around him. Not saying he isn't a great rider, he is; the prequel provides a better grasp of moto gp.

    Without giving away too many spoilers for those who have not seen it, faster depicts; more competitors, changing of riding styles & machines (500 smokers to 4's), stronger rivalries along with lots of attitude & closer racing.
  15. I saw it last night at Northland probably about 40 people in the cinema. I got free tickets through cycle torque so i was wrapped.

    I loved the move very engaging for an avid motogp fan like myself.
  16. Is this fillum on in Brisbane ?
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  18. Watched it with a couple of forumers in Castle Hill...............ONE, Mav, MrsMav, Snowman, and the ever so cute BabyMav................

    What a great movie, there were a couple of riders who rode there.
  19. I can't even find where this is showing is it finished?

    Syd city/inner west if anyone can shed any light
  20. i think it was for only the weekend just been mate... will have to wait till out on dvd now