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Fastest LAMS Bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by MrRyannnnnnnn, Apr 21, 2010.

  1. Hey,
    Now before you say ahh this guy is just a hot headed fruit loop that just cares about speed, This thread has alot more to it lol.

    I am looking to get a new or near new bike at the end of the year. I have already been riding for a year everyday on a VT250C but my learners expired. Before they expired i went to do my P's test in Taree. Rode all the way from Port Macquarie to have the instructor in a filthy bad mood and sent me home for something that "is not apart of the test". I did not know the correct tire pressure off my bike off the top of my head, so the instructor said to me "you need a punch in the face". I was shocked. Then ten minutes later i was nervous and could not get the tire cap off because i was shaking. He then told me to leave. This was not apart of the MOST test as he stated about 15 minutes before hand. arghh crap I went off track. Just makes me so angry. Don't go there if you are a women, I have heard he hardly passes women.. and people in general, You will suffer in he is in his usual bad mood.

    Anyway, this thread is about the bike I should get. I have read the VFR400 is the fastest, but they are old and plan to keep my bike for 3+ years. So this is no good to me. I am leaning towards the GSX650FU as i hear they are reliable, which is very important. I love the look of the 650rl and gt650rl. Probably too tall for 650r (and i hear they are quite weak) and the reliability of hyosung creeps me out abit. I'll be using this bike everyday. Does these three bikes (GSX650FU, 650RL, GT650RL) go as quick as each other, like at the lights?

    I know some body is going to suggest the SV lol but it just does not appeal to me. I think its the look. I have test rode two GT650rls and loved it. Enough power, likeed the riding position. I have also sat on a gladius and felt quite cramped.


  2. Something to keep in mind while doing your research:

    Are you aware that all those models are LAMS approved because they're restricted?
    Yes they can be unrestricted after you LAMS period ends but will be quite expensive and can be a hassles as you would be required to re-register them in most states.
  3. sxv550 EOT
  4. I heard the Peewee 50 is the fastest.....

    perhaps you should stickwith one of those

  5. No, that would be a bit silly wouldn't it.
  6. Why are people so obsessed about how quick they can burn another bike off at the lights?

    The Suzuki is a great bike. The only reason I'll be selling mine is to upgrade to a bike that isn't restricted and will be more comfortable for a pillion; if there was a cheap and legal way of unrestricting it, I'd probably do it, but there isn't. The new ECU is $1200, takes about 5 minutes to replace, and then you're riding a modified LAMS bike which is illegal, and it doesn't matter you are on a full license. So **** that.

    Haven't seen many Ninja 650s pull up beside me, but I have the feeling that with the restrictions in place you'll be disappointed. There is no power over 6000 revs, just a smooth and slow acceleration. Which makes sense as it's LAMS.
  7. how many threads are you going to start, asking the same questions about the same bike?
  8. Because most motorcycle riders are brain dead knuckle dragging wankers.
  9. I have not started the same thread multiple times and asked the same question... I have asked similar questions about the GSX650FU.. If thats a problem to you, grow up.
  10. Kinda useless advice suggesting a bike which is not actually on the LAMS list (in Victoria at least).......

    Current Victorian LAMs list

    The thing people don't get about the LAMS list is,

    -Bikes under 260cc are automatically LAMS, with a few exclusions at the top of the list (ie some 2 strokes)

    -Bikes over 260cc (and under 660cc) are automatically non-LAMS unless they appear on the list.

    So, someone may be riding an old/heavy/gutless <660cc bike and it may even be eligible for the list, in my conversation with vic roads, unless the bike is on the list at the time of your "offense" it is not a LAMs bike.
  11. ive seen 3 sxv550's in vic with LAM on the rego label.

    else. ktm 525 motard, ktm 300 exc, suzuki dr800. all balltearers ive owned all lams in vic
  12. well if your looking at the GSX650FU its a good choice

    If my sieve like memory serves, the lams system uses the power to weight ratio of the bike rather than the time over a quarter mile to deceide what is approved and what is not.

    from memory (again) most 250's are around 60-80kW/tonne and the larger bikes (up to 650cc) are around the 120kW/tonne (this includes adding 90kg for rider weight and 20kg for fluids

    so the formula is
    power to weight = power output (kW)/(bike weight)+90kg(rider)+20kg(fuel & fluids) * 1000

    for a lams bike the outcome has to be less than 150

    from this formula you can see that even relatively small changes in power of the bike are well and truely offset by the weight of the rider, therefore if you are a 40kg girl (50kg less than the 90 used in the formula) your way ahead, if on the other hand you weigh a buck and a quarter (like me) then your stuffed.


    my zx14

    standard rider using this formula the power to weight ratio is 477kW/tonne (phucking woot!)

    the moment I sit my 125kg fat arse on it the power to weight drops to 404kW/tonne (not so impressive but still pretty quick)

    and the difference is even more remarkable on a bike with lower power in the first place.

    final answer:
    if you wanna make a lams bike go faster, your best bet is to drop weight, ride naked (hi there brownny) and have a good shit before your ride.

    other than that, your well and truely snookered

  13. and that's just exploiting a loophole that may or may not close.

    "but the rego label says....." will probably not hold up if it was dragged off to court....(although it's probably enough to get past many cops on the roadside : ) ).....

    Whether someone is willing to risk the points/fine/whatever based upon the opinion of someone on the internet and a rego label vs the clearly stated position of the roads body responsible for the registration, limits and penalty is up to them.

    To each their own :)

    If someone was going down this path (ie the "fastest" pseudo legal learner bike) they'd be better off looking for one of the fabled LAMS registered cbr600s or R6s floating around........I wonder if their renewals were still lams?
  14. just from personal experience. it held up to 2 canaries and about a dozen "thats too big for lams" by roadside coppers.

    read the label biatch.

    but im sure the 550 was lams or used to be in vic.

    anyway back on topic. OP your you'll only be fully sick enough on a cbr250rrr.

    they can go 0-100 in 3.7.... with a tow](*,)
  15. ... Or off a cliff.
  16. cb400's can drag zx-6r's to 100. That'd be the go-er.
  17. wr450f supermoto.
  18. Oh yes it will because that label is supplied to you by a State Government Authority and if it says LAMS - then so be it -- A judge/magistrate doesn't make legislative law only common law via decisions in the courts that become precedent for common law.

    [NSW]It is written right here - Aprilia - first manufacturer listed

  19. Yes, that is a NSW list, mine is a VIC list (slickncghia is in Vic as far as i know).....one doesn't invalidate the other.......they're different states, different rules, different licenses

    Although the OP does mention Port Macquarie, your LAMs list counts.

    Crisis averted :D

    As for your legal interpretation, While I hope you are right, I personally wouldn't bet the fine/points/whatever/hassle on it.