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Fastest LAMS bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by ad91on, Oct 28, 2009.

  1. Yes I am being serious, I want to know what the fastest/most powerful LAMS bike is.

    I did a search and found nothing before I get deleted/flamed/exorcised/have a fatwa placed one me.

    I'm not looking to go and kill myself on a bike (as i'd hope you'd all know) and am purely interested as to what may be the quickest LAMSbike.


  2. Aprilia sxv550


    It's really on the LAMs list (at least in NSW, your state my vary). God help us all.
  3. surely its restricted to make the LAMS list.
  4. Yeah that thing as 70hp from what i just googled... Worrying imagining some 17 year old doing his MOST on that.
  5. Its a supermoto. He would most probably blitz it. much easier to do the test on these than most standard road bikes. Can see the u-turn now. hammer it in, pull off a stoppie, swing the rear around in the air and power off.

    I also highly doubt that it is restricted. sometimes these slip through the cracks. Check out Roarin's review of his KTM smc, that was learner legal as well.
  6. Fastest by what metric?
    SXV550 probably has the 0-100 licked, but it tops out at 160, whereas some other learner bikes can pass 200 (RVF400).
  7. Yep the SXV550 is a LAMS bike in Tassie at least.

    My ktm 640 SM is fast enough for me while I'm on my L's, good service intervals and reliability as well which I think is important for a learner.

    With the LAMS there is certainly no excuse for learners whingeing about having to ride boring bikes, there's some screamers on that list!
  8. :rofl:

    That about sums up what i was thinking!!! :LOL:
  9. Fastest accelerating to...well, whenever the NC35 catches up, pulls past and keeps going...
  10. Some NSW public servant is asleep. The sxv550 is 240kw/tonne based on the standard LAMS calculations.
  11. RVF400 IMO. Freaking thing was only slightly less powerful than my SV650S :) Or at least the one I rode was hehe.
  12. That's only a product of the off road gearing. Swap the sprockets to give it 1st and 2nd gears that are good for something other than wheelies, gear it for a top speed of around 230km/h, and it will still out accelerate an RVF400 easily.
  13. Doubt it. Its ultra high seating position, long travel suspension, wide bars and complete absence of fairing produces the aerodynamic properties of a brick.
    It aint going 230km/h.
  14. From my understanding - an RVF400 (NC35) hands down for all round performance without modifications.

    Ummmm I just so happen to have my factory standard RVf400 for sale --> off restrictions in 2 weeks!


    EDIT: And I know it goes over 200 :)
  15. i have a mag that aprilia send you when you buy a bike and the sxv550 stock standard was running down the 1/4 in 11's taking off in 2nd and hitting the limiter 100m before the line

    that thing is 600cc sports bike fast man!
  16. Plenty of naked bikes can do over 250km/h.
  17. So could my couch, if it had 200hp. :-s

    EDIT: I'm not disputing the speed of naked bikes. I'm disputing your claim that a motard with 70hp will hit 230km/h (or anywhere near).
  18. I got 230km/h from the poster above who said the sxv550 has 240kw/tonne.

    Virtually the same as my FZR600. Which does better than 230km/h. And from experience with my naked version, lack of fairings doesn't hurt that figure.
  19. top speed who cares... i want one!
  20. Hmmm, by my calculations, it should take around 73hp (at the rear wheel) to make a naked bike hit 230kph.

    Assuming that the speedo is optimistic (aren't they always) and the power figures quoted are at the crank, I'd say that around an actual 215-220kph is quite plausible.

    My naked street-fighter thingy is geared for ~225kph peak (actual) at the limiter in 6th, and the speedo is calibrated. True, it has 110rwhp, as opposed to ~65 or so, but it gets to that top speed extremely quickly with ample power to spare.

    I any event though, top-speed is rather meaningless. Unless you can find a long enough straight, that is unpatrolled by police, then yeah, the fastest bike is the one with the highest straight line top speed.

    If you're not a straight-line hero, and recognise that there's real skill and fun to be had in piloting a bike around corners, then the fastest LAMS bike will be the one that can get through a set of twisties where top-speeds rarely exceed 100kph.

    Still, of all those factors though, both the SXV550 and RVF400 will compete, with the RVF400 coming out on top in reliability stakes. The SXV550 will be faster, but you'll be servicing it every 1000-1500kms or so to keep it in good running order.