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Fastest LAMS 90kg bodyweight

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Micko1979, Sep 18, 2015.

  1. #1 Micko1979, Sep 18, 2015
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    I see people avoiding this question. Obviously nobody knows. Prove that you do

    Why can't somebody tell me the answer?
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  2. I'm pushing 100, my MT-07 has more than enough pull. Just work out if the bike's power to weight ratio is good, then you should be right.
  3. Obviously a 90kg sheep would.not be very fast.. that recent one with 40kg fleece could barely stand up!

    What has 90kg got to do with anything?
    150kW/tonne =fastest
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  4. Fastest as in acceleration or fastest as in top speed ?
  5. Honda 400 4 is up there
  6. The fastest is going to be a restricted 650 like ninja 650 rl of hyo 650 with the restrictor removed on the sly ;-).
  7. Wow, you don't look a day over 70!
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  8. very demanding for a noob
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  9. Or fastest in cornering?

    So you are right, nobody knows tge answer to your question, because its a dumb question.
  10. The power to weight ratio specified in the LAMS regulation is set with a rider body weight of ... GASP! ... 90Kg. The fastest LAMS machine, in terms of outright speed on a salt flat, will be the one with the highest power to weight ratio, the best aerodynamics, AND with a top end biased torque curve. In the real world it will be the one with a high power to weight ration and a good spread of torque across the rev range ... and being ridden by a someone who knows what they're doing, not some skill-less n00b.

    People aren't avoiding the question, they're ignoring it because 1 - it was posed as a statement and 2 - it's childish.
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  11. micko79.

    I see a bright future for this one.

    Anyway, onto the question ...

    fcuk you why ask
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  12. Whose 2nd account is it? :p
  13. Fastest lams is my cousin's fully sick 1992 cbr250rr.
  14. Wasn't there some n00b on here a while back claiming his CB400 with altered gearing was the fastest bike in the world?
  15. Learners after the "biggest and fastest" reminds me of this kick-in-the-ass-power.
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  16. Just go get a v star and hypercharge it bro !
    Isnt that what they do , its a quicker way into the emergency ward !
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  17. I forget the name of it, but it's a 125 (that means it has a top speed of 125 miles, or 200k) that's come from China.
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  18. Pure gold gents!
  19. The fastest factory spec legal option is probably the Aprillia SXV 70hp and 113kgs. fcuk knows how it got the approval.
  20. That bike is not on the nsw lams list