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Fastest commute from Freshwater to Macq Park

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by matressking, Sep 2, 2010.

  1. Or least frustrating!

    Moving in with the missus up northern beaches and up until now when I have stayed with her I have resorted to being late for work so I don't have to sit in traffic in Cremorne, Neutral Bay etc

    I'll be going out to Macquarie Park every day and was wondering if you guys have any good alternate routes?

    I don't care if it's bumper to bumper, just as long as I can bloody split and filter!

  2. How far up?

    but M2 M7 without a doubt
  3. I used to commute from North Ryde to Manly Vale and found the quickest way was Delhi Rd, Boundary St then Warringah Rd. Easy to split and get to the front of all the major lights where the cages back up.

    I moved to Lane Cove now and still use the same route. F*ck them and their toll on Falocn St
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  5. perfect, cheers guys.
  6. Oh, I thought you were proposing a race...
  7. uh yea...that too!
  8. tried this out and did it in 39mins at 0930. will have to dump the bar-end mirrors to make it feasible.

    Lady game drive is a bit of a pain though? can see getting stuck there for a while wit no options!
  9. Mate I wouldn't go LGD, keep on Delhi Rd, heaps more room to split. Then turn right onto Epping Rd. Depends on exactly where in Mac park you're heading though. 39mins seems a lot on the bike, can cut it down to 30 I reckon!
  10. depends on how fast you split lol... not that i encourage doing it too quickly and also whilst cars are moving and close together.