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Fastest 250's learner legal in NSW

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by cicatriz, Apr 7, 2006.

  1. Hey, im just wondering what the fastest learner legal 250's in NSW are, could anyone help?

  2. NSW has the LAMS scheme, so you're not limited to a 250.
  3. i know, but im interested in 250's. my friend has a CBR250RR, and i have heard its the fastest learner legal 250 in NSW, but im not sure.
  4. What about the Hyosung - It has a restrictor and you can remove it (after L's)- it therefore must be very close to the limit...
  5. The 4 cylinder 250's (fzr, cbr, zxr, gsxr) are all about the same when it comes to speed.

    250 v-twins will get to 100km/h a smidgeon quicker.
  6. It's a 650. Doesn't count.

    My bike is quicker than the restricted version in every way, murdered (on the straights only) by the unrestricted

    The Hyosungs restrictors are over restrictive. It only puts out around 35hp, and its heavy, so it's power to weight is less than 100kw/tonne.

    The learner limit is 150kw/tonne

    My bike has 48hp, and is much lighter, so puts out a very nice 148kw/tonne.

    Answering the original question, Any inline-4 250 is fairly similar, but yes, the CBR250 is generally considered the fastest.
  7. All cbr owners say that, god bless them, the truth is a ZXR250 in good tune is faster.

    To answer your question I think if you worked on an old RG250 you'd get it going faster than any of the four strokes with enough tlc.
  8. Yes the zxr250 (zx2r) would own a cbr250rr. The CBR owners like to think of excuses for buying their overpriced slowmobiles ;)
  9. Fastest 250? thats an oxymoron :LOL: nah seriously though, any inline 4 would go decent enough, but save your cookies for the big one.
  10. Yes, but they don't design the bike to fit the NSW laws perfectly lol

    ciactriz did say;

    It is still a learner legal bike - although it is above 250's
  11. CBR is the way to go

    CBR250RR's are the fastest and best handling of all learner legal 250's.
    people who say they arent are people that dont hav them :p

    ZZr's and ZX2r's are good, however CBR250RR's really take the cake for
    overall peformance. (20 000rpm!!!)
  12. Yeah there aint much between the 4cyl 250's...

    A good ZXR will outrun a CBR, but only mildly, and a CBR thats been looked after will outrun a thrashed ZXR, and with 250's its hard to find one that hasnt been thrashed.

    Fastest around a track the ZXR250 would eat up the CBR's with it's superior suspension/brakes and less weight.

    CBR's are generally older bikes than the ZXR's, (apart from the A model) so they have seen more km's (regardless of what your odometer says :wink: ), more owners, more L plates and more thrashing than the newer ZXR's

    But still, straight line 'performance' there is but a bees d!ck between them
  13. why oh why do we often have this conversation about what the fastest 250 is. would you believe a mate of mine who recently got his L's bought a cbr250rr and tried telling me it was as quick as the 12.. Fark i was in stitches. Mate save your bucks for the upgrade.
  14. o_0 did you give him a good slap across the head ? It boggles the mind :p
  15. fastest 4 stroke 250 would be a zx2r. i am comparing my bros 98 model cbr rr and my 04 zx2r. both in awesome condition.
    i find the cbr are more zippy in the low and mid but the zx2r are more agressive in the mid and top end. both are similar in speed up to 100 but the zx2r will pull away in top speed. my bro max would be around 175ish (very close to 180) and i just keep pulling.
  16. Top speed of my well looked after, low km, 2000 build model ZXR-250C is a GPS confirmed 190km/h. (The speedo on the bike was actually showing 215km/h at the time.

    (Don't know if this helps or not. But it does bring up my 500th post, so yay me!!)
  17. Then what else do they make restricted 650's for?
    Do other countrys have a similar LAMs scheme?
  18. I spose it would be used somewhere else? (see below) :oops: Maybe people dont want bike so powerful.... :roll: ...or start with a small bike and with an change of the restrictors they can go faster as they develop their skills.

    NZ!!! has LAMS :grin:
    Several restrictions apply during the learner licence phase. Riders must not:
    ยท Ride a motorcycle with an engine capacity greater than 250cc

    AND SO DOES UK :cool:
    2 Standard motorcycle licence (Category A):
    Category A involves a two-stage graduated licence scheme. Stage 1 entitlements are
    awarded after the practical test has been successfully completed. At this stage, riders have
    a limited motorcycle licence that permits them to ride motorcycles up to 25kW (33 bhp)
    and a power to weight ratio of not more than 0.16kW/kg.
    Stage 2 entitlements are awarded once a rider has gained two years motorcycling
    experience. There are no power restrictions imposed and riders are permitted to ride
    motorcycles of all types. The motorcyclist must have passed his/her practical test on a
    motorcycle of over 120 but not larger than 125cc and capable of at least 100kph to obtain
    this type of licence.

    KINDA IN JAPAN :roll:
    The licensing system is
    graduated in that a particular licence is needed to ride a motorcycle with an engine capacity
    of over 400cc.

    LOL - I win lol :roll:
  19. It seems that a necessary requirement to own a CBR250, is to have your head firmly up your arse. CBR owners as a whole seem to be far worse posers than ducati owners.

    I'm sick of hearing about how great certain 250's supposedly are.

    My bike's probally the best LAM's machinery, but I know it will get killed by most non-LAM's bikes. It'll also get killed by most performance cars on the road- on the straights at least

    The other day, I raced some guy in a top of the line, brand new falcon. On the straights he pulled so much harder, and there wern't nearly enough bends for me to catch him.

    250's handle excellently, and are light, cheap to run, and easy to use. These are there real virtues.
    Why bother looking for the fastest 250? My bike is the fastest single in the world (on a racetrack, on the straights most supermoto's would have heaps more), but I don't kid myself that it's not one of the slowest modern sports-bikes.

    I bought it 'cause it's the best handling bike in the world :) If your going to boast about your 250, talk about what it's actually good at.

    If powers all you care about, then a 250 is the wrong bike for you. Don't carry the attitude that you are riding a performance machine
    You lol at me? You should choke on that lol, because you are obviously wrong.

    Australia is a major market for Hyosung. Being the only affluent country located close to Korea (other than japan, which for obvious reasons won't be a successfull market for Hyosung). Check out Korider.com, to see how many aussies there are in comparison to other nations. This is because they are the only significant non-japanese company still producing new 250's. These aren't in demand anywhere except Australia, so Hyosung is bigger here than anywhere else.
    No other country has laws that demand restricted 650's for learner licences.
    The restrictors are a very simple mod, and were designed specifically to allow Hyosung to gain a significant foothold in Australia. They could legally allow an extra 1.5 times the existing power, if they were better designed.
    It's a moot point though, cause if you bought one, you'd be nuts not to get it derestricted even before you left the showroom.
  20. Just so you know there isn't actually any "restrictors" in place as such. It is simply just a carbie slide that is restricting the engines power. You spend $25 on a new carbie slide and give a mechanic $120 to change it over and you will have yourself a 79HP 650cc V-Twin to play with!! Quite a small investment for a 225% increase in engine HP!