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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by rascus, Aug 5, 2005.

  1. Who has seen the movie Faster? What did you think of it and would you buy it or just rent it?

  2. I bought it.

    Not bad at all. And it confirmed my opinion of Garry McCoy as a tough bugger.
  3. Gazza was awesome to watch live, but still the best one to watch is Doohan just so smooth.
  4. Both came back from serious injuries, both very hard men.
  5. I got a copy a while ago, fantastic to watch - one of my favourite dvds
  6. Ok I am thinking just buy it :)
  7. Definately!!! I hired it about a month ago and i loved every minute of it. MY GOD Gazza is a mad bastard. "They scrutinised my method of hanging it out and sliding around every corner as not the fastest way around the track, however i kept winning so it seemed to be working for me" HAHA.

    I LOVE that clip of McCoy coming slideways around the corner BIG time and then popping a mono as soon as he straightens up. WICKED!!
  8. I too bought a copy from overseas, 2disc set...and i cant get enough of it. Love the action and Ewan McGregors commentation.
  9. Buy it , it's not dear . But i do love watching them slide the machine around the bends :D 8)
  10. amazing footage. coming from somone thats never ever seen a wsb footage ever. really opened up my eyes. :eek: :shock:
    definaltely a must see :wink:
  11. Not bad, I got the two disk set for Xmas 04 and loved it. Then there's all this hoo-har in AMCN that it'll be released in Australia mid-March and here's me thinking, that's old I've already had this DVD three months. Turns out brother-in-law bought it direct from the Duke website.
    Also managed to get copies of the 04 MotoGP round-up, along with 02 and 04 IOM TT taces, what a scream they are...when are we organising the official Netrider holiday and visit to IOM and Mad Sunday...:LOL:
  12. They don't call it Mad Sunday for nothing, but then again Netrider would fit right in, I'm thinking. Can you imagine riding a circuit that is 34 miles long???

  13. of course i can, it only takes them 18 mins :p

    @ an average of 200 kph that is...........
  14. Any takers for the centenary in 2007?