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"Faster" MotoGP docu-movie

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mouth, Feb 13, 2005.

  1. I see that the 2 disk special edition DVD, which includes the '03-'04 sequel, is in stores here on March 16th. Never saw it when it first came out myself :( Would anyone who did see it like to give a review/critique and let me know whether it's worth getting a copy when it's released :)

  2. This DVD belongs in every motorcyclists collection. I couldnt wait for the Aus release, and have ordered a US version after viewing a mates (4 times lol).

    Couldnt give an expert review as I cant compare it to any others as is the first MC doco I have watched. But it doesnt come from the sponsors view, but from the riders, reporters, pit crew etc view. Plenty of Australian content, very entertaining and is something you could show anyone with no MC experiance.

    I just love Rossi's opening comment on first experince with the 500's:
    "in the beginning when you try the first time the 500's ....ahh f%$k"

    I loved it and have heard rave reviews on many motorcycle forums.
  3. i had the 1st single dvd release about 6 months ago, which contains footage after the credits not on this latest 2dvd set, but have since copied "nodz" 2 dvd set.
    the 2nd disk is as good as the 1st.
  4. Yes that DVD is definitely on my wishlist the "MotoGP - The 210MPH Bikes" looks good too, has anyone seen this one also?
  5. My birthday is March 16th and this sounds like an EXCELLENT present for someone to buy for me! :wink: :D
  6. I’ve got Faster 1 & 2 from Canada so it’s in a funny format that some people can’t watch (if you’re tele is oldish & only takes PAL, not NTSC).
    Even though the 2nd DVD is shorter in duration, it covers the ’03 & ’04 season , and I think it’s almost better (maybe because they go on about how great Ducati’s ’03 debut season was).

    ·How come Doctor Costa is speaking in French when it’s obvious that his French is not as good as his italian? (we get subtitles regardless).
    ·It was clear to see that Hopkins wasn’t orginally chosen for the Red Bull team in 2002 on the strength of his Playstation m’cycle GP game prowess.
    ·Who threw the first punch?
    ·Do I believe Roberts or Sheen, when it comes who first brought steering with the rear wheel to GPs?
    ·Does Shwantz have the best approach to racing? (bonus footage)
    ·Does Rossi prefer the 2-stroke over the 4 for racing?

    How about the opening night @ Cannes? MotoGP bikes in downtown Cannes doing burnouts.