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Fast...very, very, faaast

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by raven, Oct 21, 2012.

  1. Still running it in but went up the spur to get some K's and scrub the tyres in.
    Ist run was a recon. Make sure the road was clear of crap and no plod, so took it easy.

    On the way back, tyres went straight onto the eges, lost their chookie strips as I draged a knee here and there.

    It drops in nicely, holds it's line without effort, and if you wait till the exit is visible you can give it a handful and it'll want to stand up and sligshot you into the next corner. I only had time for the one quick run on the spur as I wanted to get back to working the engine for run-in. The tyres were scrubbed up nicely, except the last cm where I could see it had slid rather than gripped - but fair enough for green tyres.

    Brakes are potent, nice comfy seat and cruises with the traffic effortlessly.

    I'm happy!...but wish I could keep the 675 as well...they compliment each other.
    The Pic....

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  2. such a sexy bike....glad your having fun with it - was honestly never a fan of these looks wise until i saw it in blue.
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  3. So much hate right now..... ok no thats not right what is it..... oh, jealousy, right, thats it!
    Nice one raven, awesome looking machine and wish i had three.

    edit: I just cant seem to get the confidence to take my tyres right to the edge lol. Theres only 5-8mm of chicken left on each side of the rear, and ive had my ass hanging off the seat while doing it. You can see that i HAVE been there on the very edge, but i was shitting myself when i was :D. Ill get there, need lots of practice at the moment after 3ish months off it :p.
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  4. Soooooooo jealous
    Cant believe those things, so fast, congrats mate
  5. ... makes my (what I thought was quick) run up the Putty yesterday seem like a trip to the shops :LOL:

    look forward to further reports, John....
  6. Lucky you, it looks good in blue.
  7. You can add me to the list of jealous onlookers. It's a beautiful machine.
  8. Sheesh, have you ever seen a bike that's trying so hard to be a Kawasaki??


    but seriously, I'm interested in your comment about the triumph. What's the sweet spot of the daytona that you miss on the S1000RR?
  9. Lovely.........
  10. it just says , I will eat you and your kawasaki :D
  11. Very, very nice :) I'm sure you'll do it justice. Enjoy, mate (y)
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  12. FMD, that thing looks like it's doing 200km/h standing still!

  13. When you say stand up do you mean mono,I thought they had anti mono doohickeys.Fantastic bike especially value for money,don't know how they do it for the cost.
  14. That machine is a work of art.
  15. Yeah, 3 mths off is long enough to interfere with your level of riding. Don't rush it.
    Getting right to the edge requires a familiarity with the feel of that.
    Where you are running the tyre to is actually the sweet spot for most riding. Getting that extra centimetre, feels pretty extreme. And that's the point. You have no idea how the bike is gonna feel underneath you, what happens if it loses traction etc. plus the view from down there is disconcerting till you get used to it.
    The really danger is more to do with road surface that anything else. It's much better if you are very well acquainted with a nice bit of twisties, but nothing will get you there quicker than a track day. And you got all day to focus on just that, working up to it a bit at a time.

    You'll get there mate. Took me while to get used to it, way back when.
  16. The Daytona is light and nimble. Cuts corners up like a razor blade. :)

    The Kwak 10, is well sorted. First time in nearly 6-7 yrs, because it really corners now. It's on top of the Jap tree overall and probably deserves it. :)
    So it has my respect....but mine's got heated grips and indicators that cancel out. Prrrthht!
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  17. I really like the look of that, nice color too.

  18. Stand up, as in get off the lean - become upright
    Yes, Depending on the mode you are in, there are several strength levels of the electronic system. It's anti wheely, anti stoppy but in track mode (I think), it allows 25 degrees for about 5 seconds before it brings it down easily. In sport mode (road), it comes in earlier, but you can still mono a little. Of course, you can turn that off, but I'll be I track mode everywhere, maybe back to sport for a quieter ride home when I'm a bit sore and tired.
  19. Man that is a really nice bike. I haven't ridden an s1000rr but everyone mentions how crazy fast it is - its amazing guys can keep their licenses hehe
  20. Nice kit of machinery that's for sure.
    I would be interested to see what a bike like this would be like vs a well-farkled DR650 (supermoto tyres, WP front suspension, ohlins or aftermarket rear, set up for rider, big front disc, uprated front master cylinder, hi-comp kit and 190 cam) through the tight twisties with riders of equal level.