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Fast touring in NZ - A mental excercise/Question

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by music, Nov 5, 2010.

  1. Okay, I have a scenario for you

    You have 10,000 NZ. This must buy you a bike on which you will commute, tour, and hoon. You are young, you like to ride hard when the time and place is right. It's primary purpose is fast touring. You want more than 100bhp ideally, and you want something that is no more than about 200kg dry. Riding position is not a huge issue, a reasonable midrange rather than all top-end is preferred. Good handling, and good suspension is a must.

    This, as you have gathered, is a bike for me to get around on. I have 6 months in NZ, and 10k for a bike. I have a z750 now, and while I love it, there are a few key weaknesses it has. First is suspension, and second is weight. While knee down and general fun is possible, it is often limited by these things. I find that I actually have to go for the knee down, as this tells me when everything else (mainly pegs) will shortly be on the deck, all the while getting zero feedback from the forks, and always on the lookout for bumps which really unsettle the bike. So I want to avoid these weaknesses, and having never tried full on sports bike, I thought now is the time.

    So, bonus points for something with fairing, and something reasonably recent.

    Current starting points are as follows:

    CBR1000rr (power, looks, fairing, handling)
    GSXR-750 SRAD (always loved these things - 90s badboy looks)

    Your participation in this little mental exercise, and any feedback or suggestions is hugely appreciated :)

  2. roarin toured NZ on a vfr400. read his ride reports, they are inspiring. Sure, it doesnt have 100 bhp, but the rest fits.

    Have you thought about a triple?
  3. ktm 950 sm or a ktm superduke.
  4. Hmm, Superduke and SM are a bit out of my range I think

    The VFR400 sounds good for NZ roads. So long as it isnt too small for me, and is in good nick :)
  5. V-Strom 650. Have you really looked at a map of NZ? The back roads and scenic roads are fuggen amazing. Google the Whanganui River Road and ask yourself why you'd use NZ's heavily patrolled main roads full of crap drivers and foreign tourists driving on your side of the road when there are gems like that. Or the Cape Reinga beach run. East Cape North Island. Or just about anywhere across the Southern Alps. Petrol is dear but a decent fuel range helps. Most of the distances are short. Just like life itself. V-Strom 650. You know it makes sense.

    Peter. Ex-Kiwi.
  6. On which Island are you spending most of your time? How quickly do you like to tour? The South Islands roads are a lot more open and flowing for the main part. Thats what I thought anyway. How much gear ya want to carry? Don't need a lot if you use the most excellent and reasonably priced backpacker hostels.
    Why do you need 100+hp? You can only use that on the straights where you are most likely to attract the attention of the law. You should try 50-60hp in a light agile package for a while and actually learn how to carry momentum rather than go to whoa drag racing between the corners. You will enjoy riding NZ (and most everywhere else for that matter) a lot more and possibly hang onto your ticket a considerable time longer. I think they call anything 45 over the limit dangerous driving or hooning and will confiscate your pride and joy.
    Bumblebeeman is correct. The back roads are totally awesome. Don't know about the Strom bit though. He he he.
  7. Haha, I want power for one reason - ease, and ease only. My zed has approx 100hp, and that's about what I want really. It's not for drag racing between corners. I'm not really that kind of guy, I much prefer the corners themselves but yes, shock horror, I have been known to speed on rides.

    Im thinking about a 600 as well, probably a CBR as well, but my concern is that it wont have all of that mid-range I want. Then again, As you are right that I don't need a lot of power, perhaps it will be satisfactory, I'm not sure. Has anyone ridden a CBR600RR?

    I would really want to stick to sealed roads, as that is simply what I enjoy most, and I will be living in Auckland, with a few trips here and there - Bay of Islands, Coromandel peninsula, and maybe one to the south island.

    That and the fact that this opportunity has come up with a very generous offer and a lot of luck, means I don't really care for really practical options, I want to have something that my current needs and finacial +practical limitations prohibit over here.
  8. I'm an Ex Kiwi too, and I have actually spent alot of time on the north island's roads, back roads and main ones - especially the east cape.
    That Whanganui road looks fantastic, but is there any reason that these cant be done on a regular sportsbike? or are the others you have suggested all gravel?
    I'm much more or a road rider tbh. V-strom. No offence, but it's just not my kind of thing really. Maybe an SV650s though. or an ER6f.
    What does look appealing is an F800s
  9. I would go the naked versions of the bikes you listed. (ER6n, SV N, etc) With some wider bars they make fantastic tight twisty carver uppers and are pretty damn good gravel road mounts. If the wind blast is a concern a tiny little headlight deflector will make quite a difference. Tyres are the limiting factor once it starts getting really dirty.
  10. He already has a z750 which is probably as good.

    The OPs requirements seem a little confused with wanting a sportsbike for touring.
  11. Don't think so. The z750 is a big fat pig compared to those.
  12. Correctamundo - 195 dry. I call it the beast, and I ain't talking about the power.

    Sorry if I'm confusing lol. I simply want a sports-bike that is live-able for touring really, and was curious about suggestions. I know it wont be comfortable, but that's because I want it's touring ability to take a back seat to its sporting.
  13. Sounds like you'll need to look at an approx 10 year old GSXR 1L for that kind of money.
  14. cbr600f4i?
  15. +1 for the f4i


    What about a Triumph Speed Triple.
  16. f4i - perfect. But rare for some reason. Perhaps one will pop up in time, I have about 2 months or so before I go over.

    The Triumph would be wonderful also. But ever so slightly outside of my price range. 10k over there, equals having about 8 to spend here.

    The sv1000s also looks pretty good. But the looks... idk..... I think its the low slung pipes. It makes it look heavy.. and fat. Maybe a closer look and a ride will convince me otherwise.
  17. Could do, but I'd kinda rather go for the 750 for that money. And I'm worried after a decade of thrashing, it wont be in tip top shape. I don't want to have to rebuild the suspension or something.
  18. Fireblade


  19. The SV1000's are very popular over here, most probably due to the twisty nature of the NZ roads. So are the GSXR 750's btw.
    I don't know when last you rode/been in NZ, but twisty's are were its at.
    Anyplace with a longish straight (relatively scarce around here) and you're asking for trouble (law wise) if you open up too much.

    Feel free to send me a PM when you get here.
  20. In that case I would get the CBR 929.

    Though you probably just need to see what fits you best.