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Fast indicators

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by DevilTwin, May 8, 2006.

  1. Gooday, after installing aftermarket indicators they flash way too fast. Is anyone out there able to tell me what I need to do to fix this problem? I have heard that I need to install resistors but what size and how many? The new globes are 5 watt jobbies versus 21 watt OEM. Anyone?

  2. Start with earth/general connection, wires right way? Also are all globes working? Flasher unit? I'm sure it's something simple. What sort of bike are they on?
  3. http://cbrworld.net/forums/thread/141166.aspx

    My quick calculations say you need 10 ohm 15W (or higher W) resistors.
    But thats only if the blinkers were on constant, which of course they arent. 10W will be fine. Using thermal paste and stuff like the link is massive overkill I think
    But Ive never done it on a bike so mabey they do get hot enough to require it?

    You can get them from Jaycar or D!cksmith (why is that swear filtered to dick?)
  4. when i was installing me blinkers... and i stuffed up one, as soon as it cut out the opposite blinker flashed faster... so maybe a short in the line?
    my rear hand rail when i refitted it cut into the indicator cables, and caused a short too..
    if not maybe you should get your hands on some of this....

  5. Why are you using low wattage indicator globes? Would you rather give the cagers a slightly lower chance of noticing your intentions?

    If you can't fit larger globes (perhaps because the new indicators are too small to handle the heat) get yourself an electronic flasher unit. They don't depend on current draw to determine the flash rate. Most auto supplies people will have them. Just take a good look at your current one to see what pins it has and buy a new one that matches.
  6. if a resistor was to be installed... where in the line would it be installed in the wire?

    (just out of curiousity)
  7. it would be installed in series to the lamp, and resistors are measured in ohms not watts.
  8. You see this a bit with LED indicators, you can usually get special flasher cans to compensate. Otherwise, put the correct wattage globes in.
  9. No In paralel (across the bulbs wires), the idea is to increase the current to what it was with the bigger bulbs.

    Ohms is the resistance.
    Watts is the amount of power they can disipate. Disipating power creates heat, too low wattage and they will overheat and burn.
  10. You need to match the globe wattage with the stock ones, from memory. I had the same problem with my aftermarket blinkers, then replaced the bulbs and no wakas.
  11. The resistor is the way to go , I had to put them on the buell even with the special LED flasher can , They are wired in at the indictaor , and they do not get enough heat to worry about , but still keep them cleaqr of other wires ect if you can. Jcar do have a good range of them. Good luck with that.
  12. the setup on that link seems to be calculated for a 12V circuit, if you use a 8ohm resistor like they said at that resistance and voltage the resistor will be trying to dissipate 18W (close enough i suppose to 21W and good for a LED setup, but your case is different because your circuit already runs your 15W globe), using a 20W resistor like they said is fine.
    If you use a 10W resistor at that voltage and resistance how long will it take to pop?

    So if you run in parallel to your 15W globe it will draw 34W, it will be a lot slower than your stock flash rate.
  13. Wiring it in parallel is the same as fitting a higher watt globe.

    Try that option before getting the soldering iron out.
  14. just noticed its 5W not 15W.

    with the 8ohm 20W resistor it should flash slightly slower than stock.
  15. Why worry about fast flashing indicators :shock: It just means you can go around corners faster :grin: :grin:
  16. Thanks for all of your help guys with my problem, as I can't find higher wattage globes that will fit, it looks like the resistors are the way to go. So cheers!
  17. Blinkers are only on half the time, if that. So its safe to under rate them by half. So the 10W should be fine, cheaper and much more available too.
  18. Thanks for that tip because as it turns out I couldn't find any 20 watt resistors, so had to use the 10 watt ones. So far so good!