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fast blinkers off ebay?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by TAX123, May 8, 2012.

  1. I bought some chinese blinkers with clear lenses off ebay and after putting them on found out they blink at twice the rate as my old ones, figured the bulbs inside must be half the watts which they were, so Im guessing if i put 2 21 w globes all will be fine , only problem is they are the wedge type globes and only found those in clear at 21w all the orange ones are 5w anyone had this problem, found the right bulbs ????

  2. Could use resistors?
  3. Yeah most of the time you would just need resistors.
  4. but would like the bulbs to be a little brighter so fix both problems, the globe is a h5 i think , its the narrow wedge not the wide end one
  5. is it legal if they flash fast?
  6. Flash rate: Between 45-120 per min
  7. Mine have 12 LEDs per indicator and flash much faster than stock. I like the faster flash rate, its not excessive but definately faster.
    Resistors or flasher cans for you if you don't like it. Or different indicators with lots of LEDs in them.
  8. The bulb is a T10 wedge base and flashes around 200 times a minute its 12v 10w at the moment, does anyone know who stocks these in 21w ? How fast do Led flash as they are low watts ? has anyone put LED blinkers that replace standard bulbs and still flash in time? how and where do you put the resistor?
  9. I believe a resistor has to be wired in parrallel for each bulb, but I haven't done it myself before.

  10. **** me, thats a real law?
  11. I Hate DHGate, they dont accept paypal so no protection and only want western union which you have no chance getting back if they dont deliver.
  12. Anyways I found some 12v 21cp bulbs in t10 which seem to work ok, what that stands for is 12 volts (bikes come in 6 and 12) 21 CP (candle power) and T10 (10mm wedge end)

    couldnt find any 21W (watt) bulbs in T10 and found out that 21CP converts to about 16 watts , so the blinker still flashes faster than with a 21w but its slowed down to within the legal limit, the chinese blinker came with a 10w bulb.

    The problem now is the lights not amber as those bulbs only come in clear. Now is it illegal to have clear blinkers not amber?
  13. I think clear blinkers would be pretty hard to see, so even if it legal I wouldn't use it for your own safety.
  14. Too bad you feel that way. I've bought a fair bit of stuff off DHGate with only one late delivery and then they re-delivered despite the fact that the original order finally came. DHGate don't release payment until the buyer gives the OK or a sufficient timeframe has elapsed. They don't require W.U. as the payment option.
  15. I was thinking of alibaba, DH is slow but ok!

  16. these are the chinese blinkers that came with the 10w fast blinking bulbs

  17. just found some t15 amber 21w 12v bulbs on ebay UK, he will send to australia, the t15 is a fatter bulb but the connection fits on a T10 base so just waiting till he sends them over.

    these are the chinese blinkers that came with the 10w fast blinking bulbs


    and these are the bulbs that fix the problem


    just incase someone has the same problem
  18. Do a search on LED on this forum as there's been plenty of threads on the subject already posted in the past.
  19. This thread was not about LED. It was about Looking for a standard T10 base 21w Amber bulb as the 10W standard incandecent bulb from China was 10w and blinking fast.

    If you could have pointed out a thread that shows a suplier of Amber 21 watt T10 bulbs that would have been appreciated. For your information I did a search prior to this thread OK.