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Fast "Adventure bike" ?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Fa1c0n, Nov 7, 2013.

  1. Wondering what peoples opinions are on the Adventure style bikes such as Triumph Tiger and Suzuki V-Strom.

    Looking for a fast bike in this style. Something that can be commuted on every day.
    Want to spend less than 14k.
    Willing to buy second hand.
    Something good in the wet.
    Something good for a pillion.
  2. you said fast. neither are fast. vtrom flat stick will be lucky to pull 165km/h on a gps.

    how much offroad stuff you going to be doing? this has a big impact on what bike to buy.
  3. 2nd hand multi strada.
    You get all the performance and handling you'll need (coming from a Harley) and you still get to ponce about riding from coffee shop to coffee shop.
  4. This…...
  5. The 650 Vstrom (the wee) is capable of maxing out the revs in top gear, at about 200km/h road speed (their speedo's are out by about 10%). The 1000cc Vstrom is just being upgraded, and will probably be a more interesting bike if power is your thing.

    Tiger is definitely faster than the wee.

    I'm surprised you didn't mention a BMW GS if talking about adventure bikes, as they are really the standard in this field. But again, how much off road and real touring are you going to do?
  6. Mate, you are a Goonie through and through, get your arse on the next meet up and we'll induct you.

    Bring a large tub of vaseline, some poms poms and a Middlemist camellia and you're in.
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  7. The 650, yes that's a reasonable comment. The 1000, no. They're faster, but also heavier and less nimble (for a Strom). Having said that, people don't usually buy adventure bikes if they intend to go fast, they buy them because they intend to go far.
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  8. maybe my dad's 650 was a friday build lol the speedo would read fast but it was wildly optimistic. but with the custom built ohlins rear shock and modified forks, steering damper, shortened swingarm etc it handled on the bitumen really well. like too good. especially with anakee II tyres on the street. engine was reliable though. mild offroad was really good too, jumping it was no worries. but in soft sand it would just plough the front through really badly. moar HP needs.

    sadly that bike was destroyed a few months ago :(

    the 800xc triumph is far better in sand. alot is to do with the front rim size. and having an engine that can actually push a decent speed (even if you do have to rev the tits off it).

    21 inch = great in dirt
    19 inch = okay for hard terrain, not so good in soft
    17 inch = road bike.

    personally i would go a ktm 990 just because it has proper suspension from the factory, good offroad ability, grunty engine for wheelies and rear tyre destruction but they aren't good on fuel when you get up them.
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  9. *cough* Honda VFR 800 Crossrunner *cough*
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  10. Yeah the KTM 990 would be out of the price bracket new. The crossrunner is heavily discounted and is being run out isn't it?
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    990 Adventure is the superseded model. Plenty available 2nd hand at good prices since the release of the 1190; well within OP's price range. Top speed of 990 about 215km/hr, and highly rated bike.
    The preferred option for that McGregor/Boorman thing, until KTM in their wisdom knocked them back:banghead:
  12. Ah yes, the old 990 Adventure, was thinking of the 990 SMT.
  13. Off topic, but I see you have an SMT, pwbike. Done many mods to it?
  14. I only just got it last Saturday, no mods yet, but I'm strongly considering a 16T front sprocket once the break in period is complete. It seems to be one of the snatchy ones and is hard to ride below 20 km/h and lurches from engine braking to tearing off at slow/tight roundabouts.
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    Before you do anything go to
    http://www.ktmsmt.com/ and register - very helpful mob. My username is downunder.
    Plenty of cheap/free mods to fix throttle, etc.
    Download the free mods book. Beauty of the LC8 is you can plug in a $30 cable and program the ECU with free software (TuneECU).
    43T rear sprocket works better than 16T front.
  16. I can vouch for the Honda Crossrunner. Theyre about $10k at the moment, assuming theres any left. Thats alot of bike for the dollars.
  17. To give you some idea, mine is same bike with mods - roundabouts in 3rd gear, pull smoothly from idle and minimal engine braking. Totally transformed.
    Oh, and 3rd gear power wheelies (nice side effect).
  18. Ha :) I already found that during my research, I'm a member pwbike, same as here. Will investigate the 43T rear suggestion.

  19. Big-twins.....

    Feather the clutch - modulate the throttle.....


    Just hammer it everywhere - 'cause that's what they really want

    Nice bike.
  20. Yeah, I'm feathering the clutch, but I know it can be more tractable down low with some adjustments as noted by bart406. Still running in so not too much hammering yet, plus I'm still learning the bike.