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Farm/trail bike needed

Discussion in 'Adventure/Enduro' started by NotHisRealName, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. Hey all.

    I'm organising a 3 day skirmish event out near Ipswich, Qld in June and am looking to get an old trail/enduro/farm bike (with headlight) to use on the field.

    As I'm a somewhat new road rider, I've not really researched off-road bikes and don't really know shit from stone in that regard.

    So, taking into account a $1000 budget, what sort of bike should I be looking for?

    Note: this doesn't need to be road registered as it's all on private property.
  2. Get a CT125. I bought mine for $125, that's plenty left over from your $1000 for pretty camo paint & gun mounts.
  3. a CT-110 would be great, too. (Postiebike) Plenty around, cheap, reliable, and well capable of off-road riding.
  4. CT 110 are very capable of off road riding, have done 4,000km on one from Brisbane to Darwin, but not as good as a proper dirt bike, but much better at managing dirt roads and pot holes than a road bike.
  5. If you're doing that, be sure to get the recreation/primary producer model, something about the way they are setup to handle dirt in brakes & engine better, can't remember...
  6. get the german one with the mounted machine gun
  7. Thanks for all the suggestions.

    The event went well and we made do without a bike.