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Farking tossa!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by boro_baba, May 22, 2008.

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  1. Crusing to working in the eastern freeway the other day doing around 110. Outta now where comes this small bike doing a stupid speed in between traffic.

    ( If any1 here rides the eastern in the morning you will know there are always coppers patroling it! )

    Anywayz I reach hoddle street and at the lights I see the same guy. Its this guy riding a black 250 Hyosung. (we're caught at a red light).

    He looks over at me and starts reving to indicate he wants to drag... I look straight in his eye ... then his bike... then his eye... then just shake me head.

    In the end i didnt drag him. I mean come on! its a freaking CHINESE mad 250! with a top speed of 140! and he wants to drag an R6? wtf was he thinking?

    Thought id ask your P.O.V am I the bigger man for walking away or a p*ssy?
  2. Just out of curiosity was he doing 140 or 170?
  3. You are definitely the bigger man for not encouraging him to kill himself.
  4. seems like he didn't need any encouragement :?
  5. According to the FULLY SICK police scanner Iv got under my FULL SICK NOS tank he was doing 140!

    LoL... na i dunno mate cant tell but he was doing a stupid speed in the freeway for lane splitting that for sure!
  6. It’s a rhetorical question.

    No one here will publically condone taking on someone outside the racing pits, especially in the city – do you just want a ‘there there’ because the inner racer in you was dying to take him on?
  7. Go on admit it - you felt intimidated by his fooly sik bike and mad riding skillz.
    That's probably what the Hyo rider thinks anyway.
  8. so, where does the "Squid" part come into it ????

    BTW - he sounds like a sub 20 year old tosser
  9. mmm 170kmh on a Hyosung :rofl: mate I could never get mine over 130kmh! :LOL: :LOL:

    They are a Korean made 250 not a Chinese one! This is a Chinese one.


    So what pissed you off most? That he was riding a Hyosung and can ride better than you?

    If he was squdding then good one mate, it was fcuking 4 degrees this morning![/url]
  10. You see klairi ... I dont see the point in entering races I know I'd win! ( I like challenges! :wink: )To me its like if a kid 10 year old came up to you and started hitting you.. Even though you know you could kick the living crap out of them, you wouldnt?

    Thats the way I see it. No im not looking for a tap on the back and or acknowledgement.

    Just wanted to see if there are other people like me out there... thats all.
  11. The challenge would be matching their pace perfectly, on one wheel ;).
  12. Na thats not the case at all mate! I was in NO hurry to get to work!!! Just cuz wasn't ride like a fkn hoon dosn't mean I dont know how to!

    And BTW this was a few days ago NOT today!!!
  13. If remember about a month ago I put up a thread about wheelies and stoppies. Scince then Iv learnt to do pretty good wheelies. struggle to keep it up for more than 10 - 15 secs.

    Practice makes perfect! next time I see him Ill keep your suggestion in mind. :p
  14. Before i go kung fu on both ya'll - i'd like to point out that the only factual information we have here is that he was on a 250 and your on a 600.

    It is your opinion that you could kick his a$$... He may have surprised you with his capability!

    I know that in my car (lancer) when i take on the beefed up cars.. i often win!! Its not the tool - its how you use it :p
  15. Standard or EVO?
  16. Very good. Simply beating such people achieves nothing, humiliating them however is at least fun :grin:.
  17. Before you break a nail attempting Kung Fu...

    Iv been riding for around 12 years! Without sounding coky I think its safe to say I think I know what im doing...

    Often people with "tool" problems say that. My "tool" is in 100% working order and honey... I know how to use it! :wink:
  18. Admit it, you want to look fully sik on a Black Hyosung doing 170km/h on the Eastern too.
  19. Standard - like this:
  20. Schweeeet.......
    I had one a few years back. The 1.8 GLX. Stock it was a weapon!
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