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Farken thing!

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by mav, Sep 8, 2011.

  1. Halfway to work this morning on the Prospect Highway, stopped at a red light, scooter decides to cut out on me just as the light turns green. Two quick unsuccessful restarts and I walked it up onto the median strip to give it a better go. No luck. Peak hour traffic behind were probably all laughing too hard to toot their horns.

    Then it started to spit rain.

    Called the mechanic, Bikesmith Blacktown, who got out there quick enough with his ute to pick me up and take me and the gay shitbox back to the shop.

    Missus came and picked me up and dropped me off at work.

    My kingdom for a CB 250!!!
  2. I feel for you, but the positive is, that gay shitbox had been serving its purpose!!
  3. Maybe Mal will buy it ;)
  4. Sorry to hear that Mav, and good to know that BikeSmith pulled through once again...........this special VIP pickup the bike and delivery of parts to your doorstep is sooo unfair lol............

    So whats the go with your insurance? are you getting that new bike anytime soon? Hey the XVS650 offer is still open.

    Blaise, Id love to ride that scooter............too bad it doesnt come in Aprilia racing colours :p. Dont you know that chicks dig the new age guys :p
  5. I'd empathise but I'm laughing so hard at the thought, tears are coming out. I may also have dribbled a little on my jumper but I'm not sure if the laughter caused that...
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  6. Rainbow!
  7. sorry had to do it ; )
  8. That scarabeo wouldn't be the ditech version would it?
  9. wouldn't have a clue. but i'd suggest it's the shit-tech version...

    February can't come soon enough!

    ah you've given us a few laughs too. :p
  10. Don't worry Mav, I too know the shame of walking a stalled non-starter off the road...
    I even thought of you this morning while I was heading to work in the rain - I thought "If I saw Mav now, pushing his scoot, would I stop to help?".
  11. why not, we would go to the nearest pub and have a liquid friday discussing the finer points of manual exertion in motorcycle propulsion in association with self perception values balanced by the executive decisions of self-approved harmonius pleasure from personal entertainment devices while waiting for the ****ing towie to show up.

  12. Yeah I actually thought "Nah, fuck him - what if someone saw me?!"
  13. :rofl:

    As if having to ride a scooter isn't bad enough, then it has to break down in the middle of traffic. I hope you had your full ATGATT on!!
  14. yeah you're right,

    seeing you naked is worse than seeing me on a scooter
  15. ... read that 3 times ... I really don't belong in the white collar world. I thought the topless barmaids didn't start until 12?

    It rained while I was having my counter lunch, and when I came out the seat was all wet. I feel your pain.
  16. What, you think I just wander around naked all day looking for scooters to push?
    Who has the time for that?
  17. you need to set up "scooter cam".
  18. If you can find the time to get dressed after a midnight nude ride, then you have time to look for scooters in distress. lol


    have a piss-up and gas-bag about what tunes to listen to when pushing your broken bike around while waiting for the towie.

    i pulled that whole thing out of my ass.
  19. Oh shit! I just realised - Mav were you lane splitting in that scooter of yours around prospect? I may have seen you!
  20. nah dude havent been to prospect yet...but if you see a gold scooter with matching top box around blacktown that'll be me