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Fark Me!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mr Flibble, May 31, 2016.

  2. The ford drivers an idiot but I Have to say it but if truckie wasn't hogging the right lane wouldn't have happened.
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  3. Truck was overtaking the other one. As they do, slowly and irritating, but he was getting there.
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  4. Completely retarded, a WTF moment if there ever was one. I mean how desperate can someone be to save 5min, if that.
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  5. WTF... Captain Risky again.... no wonder he cant get insurance
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  6. Love to see the knob jockey dirt tracking down the freeway during peek hour
  7. seriously ? he was overtaking, yep it's slow, but trucks don't have the top end power that cars or "bikes for that matter" do, so it can be a slow process.
    a lot of people always blame the trucks, but i my experience it's stupid morons like in the vid above that are to blame !
    and to say if the truckie wasn't hogging the right lane it wouldn't have happened, well that's just a ridiculous comment "sorry" "hang on no i'm not sorry"
    i get this sort of shit happening daily in front of me, the reason i bought a dash cam too "to cover my own ass"
    some people just have no idea on the road !!!
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  8. yeah he was frustrated but overtaking on the dirt shoulder??? future Darwin Award Winner!
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  9. Trucks have the power, they could be doing much faster if the speed limit wasn't so low.

    TBH I don't think trucks shold overtake if the other truck is only doing 1km/h slower than them like in the video. What's that? A saving of 35 seconds every hour.
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  10. actually i think you'll find a lot of big trucks are speed limited to 100kph, so if the setup is a little out, some will be a little faster/slower than others, hence why it's overtaking so slowly...
  11. That's a two lane highway right? Or is it more like the bruce hwy with two lanes going either direction?
  12. It's a dual carriageway.

    And your point is? Are the drivers not skilled enough to ease up on the throttle, or knock back the cruise control a notch.
  13. so i guess the truck behind is supposed to just sit behind the other truck for maybe hundreds of km's, even though it can safely "but slowly" overtake the other and slowly build a gap away from the other truck over time.
    just so as not to upset impatient idiotic drivers that can't wait a cpl of mins until they have a "safe" moment to overtake ???

    so my point is, it was safe for the other truck to overtake "which he was doing" even though it was slow, was it safe for the idiot in the car because of his/her not being able to be patient, i think the vid speaks for itself...
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  14. [QUOTE="KharmaKazi, post: 2998523, member: 56236" i think the vid speaks for itself...[/QUOTE]

    Sure does. The truck driver was undoubtedly a contributor to the incident. In a civil action case he would likely be required to contribute to a portion of the costs. Guessing in the 20-40% range.
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  16. Sure does. The truck driver was undoubtedly a contributor to the incident. In a civil action case he would likely be required to contribute to a portion of the costs. Guessing in the 20-40% range.[/QUOTE]

    Which is why I'm a chemist not a lawyer ibastibast, I would have said that the truck driver was perfectly within his rights to overtake there and was not breaking any road rule. There is no road rule stating a minimum speed differential for passing, no matter how much we would like there to be. How could the truck driver possibly have any liability when the unskilled bonehead tried to pass him "off road". Speeding, crossing a solid line, reckless and dangerous driving, you could also say that the bonehead failed to give way to the truck as he pulled back onto the road from the median strip.......How many laws does the arsewit have to be breaking before he is 100% liable for the consequences of his own stupidity and impatience ? The legal system works in mysterious ways it's wonders to perform.
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  17. OMG guys i fuchen give up :rolleyes:

    this is the sort of attitudes truckies have to deal with, as if morons like in the above vid isn't enough.
    some people just don't have a clue :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

    he was overtaking he would have nothing to worry about...
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  18. Meh....I see them drag race up hills at 0.001km/h speed difference with plumes of smoke billowing out every now and then.
    What's golden in the CB commentary

    The driver knowingly overtook when unsafe and even veered off the road to do so....he did it to him flappin self.
    At no point did the truck ever signal or force the the car driver to overtake

    Using that logic the straight country road and sunny weather was responsible for me to doing 250km/h down it....I'm sure the magistrate would agree with me their
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    Sure does. The truck driver was undoubtedly a contributor to the incident. In a civil action case he would likely be required to contribute to a portion of the costs. Guessing in the 20-40% range.[/QUOTE]

    Your trolling, you've got to be.
  20. from the below info from the RMS website (NSW) the overtaking truckie did nothing wrong - presuming the rules are the same in Vic but couldn't find their rules online:

    Overtaking other vehicles can be dangerous. The difficulty with overtaking is judging the space required to complete the manoeuvre safely.

    Both single lane and multi-lane overtaking manoeuvres involve risk and require extreme care. If you have any doubts it is best not to overtake and to wait until it is safer.

    You must overtake on the right unless a vehicle is waiting to turn right, is stationary, or if you and the other vehicle are travelling in marked lanes. In these instances you may overtake on the left side if it is safe.

    When overtaking you must:

    • Not go over the speed limit
    • Make sure the road ahead is clear and that there is sufficient space for you to complete the manoeuvre (check side streets and other lanes to ensure nothing will enter this space while you are overtaking)
    • Check mirrors
    • Signal each change in position long enough to give sufficient warning to others
    • Check blind spots for motorcycles and other vehicles before changing your lane position
    • Pass the vehicle with sufficient space to avoid a collision (you should be able to see the vehicle you have overtaken in your rear vision mirror before you move in front of it)
    • Give way to traffic already in the lane you are moving to.
    You must not overtake:

    • Unless you have a clear view of any approaching traffic and you can complete the manoeuvre safely (do not commence an overtaking manoeuvre when approaching a crest, curve or any limited vision situation)
    • Another vehicle that is stopping or has stopped at a pedestrian crossing, intersection or railway crossing
    • Across an unbroken (continuous) line, unless the line closest to you is broken
    • Where a road narrows.
    On roads with a speed limit of more than 80 km/h, or a KEEP LEFT UNLESS OVERTAKING sign, you must drive in the left lane unless you want to overtake or turn right.

    When being overtaken you must:

    • Not increase your speed
    • Keep left and allow reasonable space for the overtaking vehicle to pass and move back into the lane
    • Keep within your lane.
    You must not overtake or pass other vehicles on pedestrian or school crossings.