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Fark me this is a pisser !

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by doonx, Mar 16, 2006.

  1. #1 doonx, Mar 16, 2006
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    mUN2t6ahqX8[/media]]The Chinese Duo

    This may be a YART, and if it is, I apologise. But just how hilarious is this ????

    ROFLMAOAPIMP - the guy behind just turns and looks, then turns back ! Have no idea what the shit is after the first track !!!
  2. Sunrise. morning show on Ch 7, have shown these guys doing Backstreet Boys, miming to english, funny as. :grin:
  3. That song sounded familiar. :? Oh, that's right :idea: It sounded like all the other shit you hear on the radio and TV these days. :evil: What the F.U.C.K. happened to Rock and Roll?! (Guns N Roses rock :twisted: !) :shock:
  4. Gn'R Lies, best album eva made
  5. ummmmmm the gunners went the way of the dinosaurs. I hope they don't make a greatest hits album....some things are best left where they are.
  6. You don't exist. :cool:

    GNFNR Rules! :twisted:
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  8. LOL alright i don't exist then. but neither does GNRs
  9. #9 Seany, Mar 16, 2006
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    Do you know how long I listened to that beforeI realised they were miming? From that moment I was even more horrified. :shock:
  10. No. Just you arsehole. :cool: :LOL:
  11. isnt there a tune 'whatever happened to my rock n roll' ?
  12. Theres a very simple explanation to what happened to rock and roll. Its not compatible with apple technology. The slow ballads, guitar riffs and mullet hair cuts caused the IPOD to crash. So given the might of the IPOD, record companies decided it was easier to let that genre die, than to make a apple fix their software :LOL: .
  13. Ho Hum.. :roll: The fact is that Braniac have so far only proved that it's possible to kill a CD player with various explosives. Rock & Roll will not only out live you, it'll eat you alive, spit out your eyeballs and use them as ends for guitar strings. :cool:
  14. Hate to disappoint dude, but the only thing that Braniac proves is that page 3 girls blowing stuff up in skimpy yellow out is a sure fire way to get my attention :shock: as what else happens on the show in......ummmmmm don't really pay attention. That the whole point of the show right?
  15. I knew you'd see i m way. :cool:
  16. erm black rebel motorcycle gang ? 'whatever happened to my rock n roll. lol
  17. [you mean club]

    Now there's a band that got a surprise when the Brooklyn Rebels Motorcycle Club turned up for a show un NY. (poster advertised BRMC...on that date...) :LOL:

    They loved the gig. Of course riders always are, I've strummed for the benifit of a few clubs and I'm still here. I think riding a bike and being easily pleased go hand in hand. :)
  18. ahhh what a great start to the day
    come to work and see this little clips of young asian girls/boy doing some werid song and miming to it
    they boys one i have seen the girls were just the icing on the cake
    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    i need some more coffee...
  19. OMG, that is just sad.

    The korean girls were sad enough when I first saw them a few months back, but these guys take the cake for pure sadness.

    They are the saddest sads that ever, er, sadded.

  20. Maybe they're emo's?