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Fark Fark Fark! Dropped my bike!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Kargo, Sep 10, 2011.

  1. Coming home after a ride i pulled into the underground carpark at my mum's unit. Was swinging by to pick up a few tools i store in her garage.

    Naturally her car was parked right in the middle of the garage even through she told me she was going to park outside so that i could get access to my tools.

    So i get off my bike and go and press the buzzer to try and get my mum to move her car. While i was waiting downstairs, i noticed my bike was blocking in some dude trying to get out of the carpark. I went over to my bike, kicked up the stand and started to wheel it wackwards (was wheeling the bike from the side, i was not ontop of it). I somehow managed to trip over my own shoes, lost my balance and the bike went over. So pissed off with myself ](*,)

    The damage:
    1. Bike fairings scratched
    2. brake leaver broken
    3. handlebar broken
    4. indicator broken
    5. mirror broken

    Lot of damage for such a shitty little drop! Grrrrrr!:censored:

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  2. Ouch! :( ........ feel for ya mate
  3. You're not the first person to post a broken Hyosung clip-on from just a minor drop; I don't know what they are doing with metal over there in Korea, but they're not putting the good stuff on the bikes :(.
  4. Ouch, sorry mate.
    By the way, did you take your mirror off after the drop, or do you run without? It's not legal is it?
  5. I did almost the same thing not an hour ago with the BMW R65 LS puting it up on the mainstand in the middle of an empty garage :facepalm: . Famiarity breeds...and all that!!!

    I did manage to rest it on the engine guard so no damage.

    I was told the other day that if a Triumph has a fall from the sidestand, then look at spending $7,000.
  6. It's a Hyosung.... so just put it in the bin and buy a real bike?

    lol. All jokes aside, I feel for ya mate. Fkn sick feeling when you drop your bike :(
  7. nah the mirror snapped clean off from the fall

    lol take it easy, she's my first bike :p
  8. Holy smoke $7,000! Not going to cost me anywhere near that much. I've removed all the broken bits and have had a quick look at http://www.hyosungparts.asia/ and http://www.hyosungsource.com for replacement parts. Looks like it will cost less than $200 for the mirror, indicator, brake leaver and clip-on.

    The fairing is going to be the hard part...don't think they manufacture the yellow fairings for the Hyosung anymore. I'll post on findapart.com.au and see if anyone gets back to me.
    Any other ideas?

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  9. stuff replacing the fairings, now you dont need to be as careful with your riding. i would see it as an invitation to go as hard as you want and not worry about low sides /dropping etc.
  10. Surely the fairing is only cracked? Thats repairable if you dont mind them looking a little beat up. But thats battle scars, even if the battle in question was a case of shooting yourself in the foot.
  11. ouch, shame man... at least it aint gonna be too expensive
  12. MC smash repairer can weld the fairings, and quick re-spray if you are keen, if not, a close enough touch up. Simon at MSRC in Blakehurst is a good guy, can sort you out
  13. Sorry to hear about the drop & hope it doesn't cost too much to fix. That said, I like the photo of the damaged parts with the reflection of the bike in the broken mirror :)

  14. Sorry man... i know how you feel , drop me bike three time and i was gutted i was so angry with myself . A scratch here and there, bent the brake lever, crack the inner cowl into many pieces and took me hours to welded it back together . Mind you the bike was light so no serious damage it true what they say " the heavier it is , the harder it fall meaning more damages.. good luck on your sourcing for your fairing....
  15. Sorry to hear this mate. I just recently fitted some GB Racing crash bungs to my Street Triple after dropping it twice over a short period.

    Luckily, damage was extremely minor and being a naked bike, there is no issue with fairings (which seems to be the biggest issue with drops).
  16. Ouch ...

    I sympathise. About 3 months ago I was oiling the chain on the 14, which has no centre stand, and I have no race stands, so you squirt, move, squirt, move... and you get used to doing it, so you just roll it forward a step and drop it on the side stand. Well I must have tagged the side stand on my foot or something, because when I dropped it on the side stand, there was no side stand. Of course I was leaning forward and off balance and all kacky-footed and spastic-handed in no position to exert any strength at all, so down it went, with yours truly fighting and straining and puffing ineffectually beside it. I took a deep breath, shuffled my feet around to where they were properly under me, and lifted. So the front tyre skipped a few inches away from me and the back tyre dragged toward me and the bike pivoted slightly on the rough concrete, on the lovely new black painted fairing... If I'd taken a moment to shift my right hand to somewhere down near the seat and get a good grip, it probably would have just come back up with hardly a mark on it.


    It's tear-your-hair-out frustrating, but that's the way they are. The damn things fall over sometimes. If you're lucky, you won't be sitting on it when it happens, or failing that, you won't be going too fast, or last chance - you won't hit anything solid before you stop. That's the one that does the damage.

    You think that's bad - try this. Your best mate buys two bikes, so you will also have one to ride, and they're both nice new bikes. So just after he's handed over the keys to you, and given you the father of the bride talk ('Hurt my little girl and I'll kill you.') you put the Aprilia up and the centre stand, in his garage, right next to his FJR13. And it rocks back off the centre stand and falls over away from you, right into the FJR. How to look like a complete dick in 2.4 seconds.
  17. Wait.
    Your riding style actually changes dependant on the amount of potential damage you will cause in a crash?
  18. Bad luck mate its situations like that when its more likely to happen ive almost done it myself,its so easy slight off balance and your gone,i think the only way to avoid it is slow your thinking down and think what your going to do beforehand,hope that makes sense,has helped me.
  19. Finally received the new parts for my bike yesterday. I spent last night putting her back together. Decided to remove the rear fender (bought a kit previously) and rear grab rail. No luck with the yellow fairing, couldn't get the colour matched. I'll put a sticker or paint a stripe on it in a few weeks time (will post pics to show results).

    I can tell you it was bloody hard to get her started the first time. She stalled a few times too, once when i was going up the steep hill out of my driveway. Any idea why it was so hard to start? Could it be because the engine flooded when it was dropped?

    I'm not sure if it's just my imagination but the bike felt a bit different when i took her for a test run. It's difficult to explain....it's like when she's running at low revs in saw 2nd gear and i roll on the throttle, the bike labors a bit (power drops) before accelerating (if that makes sense). I'll get up earlier tomorrow morning and take her for a longer rider.

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  20. Change the air filter. The engine oil will have run out through the crankcase breather into the airbox, where it will have clogged up the air filter. Change the filter, and have a nice clean rag on hand to wipe out the inside of the airbox. Also may be worthwhile to throw a bottle of carby / injector cleaner through the tank, because fuel may have evaporated and turned to varnish on something. It might all just dissolve again, or it might get worse. Throw some cleaner through it. Check the oil level and top up if required. If there is a liquid, lead / acid battery, check the electrolyte levels in each cell.

    If it doesn't have platinum or iridium spark plugs, think about changing those as well. Plugs can go funny after they have been in use, and then left for a while.