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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by roundabout, Feb 7, 2006.

  1. With only a bit over a week to go before my partner and I depart sunny melb for the cold mountains, wide plains, polar bears and fir trees of Canada its time to say goodbye and thanks for the rides, advice, arguments, laughs and comradeship that is netrider. My beloved trixie will be sold on Saturday so this is also my farewell to riding for a while (if anyone comes across a blue tt for sale at a dealer with a small dint on the tank, it’s a great bike and could probably be picked up cheap due to the dint. The engine/bike has been fastidiously looked after, the dint was not my doing and was not from being dropped). As some of know (and had advised on) we originally had plans to be gone for around 3 years with a couple of trusty dual purposes bikes and around 15 countries to visit before heading to Europe for another couple of years/bikes/countries but between work commitments and cash being in shorter supply than countries we want to travel to, our trip will be shorter and depressingly without bikes. Anyway, if you're in north/central America look us up, we might even start netrider coffee nights in whatever town we're in.


    btw, if anyone wants anything bought in North America and shipped over let me know

  2. I assume firearms and drugs are out of the question? :LOL: Best of luck with the cold climate.
  3. all the best for the future .
    stay away from the grizzlys :LOL:
  4. Safe trip, Doug.

    I am not really jealous.

  5. Good luck, Canada is a fantastic country.

    Whereaboots in Kanuckistan are you heading??
  6. Good luck mate and have a great time. Im sure if things work out you will be itching to get hold of another bike.

    Safe trip
  7. Happy travels, mate...it'll be GREAT !!

  8. You'll have a fantastic time in Canada - I'm definitely jealous!

    Oh - don't forget the bear spray:


    I'm not sure if it works though. Instead of a huge grizzly chasing you, you might just have a huge pissed-off grizzly chasing you! :LOL:
  9. oooh canada! nice.
    Hope you find a great friendly community and settle in happily :)
  10. All the best Doug.

    Have fun, & more importantly, stay safe :wink:
  11. Have a great time in Canada eh!

    If I had to make a list.... you would need a whole suitcase for junkfood like I did when I went in September.

    Make sure you watch lots of ice hockey, eat Tim Hortons donuts and Kraft Dinner .... drink Molson's and Mikes Hard Lemonade.... sample some Reese's pieces and Coffee Crisps....

    PM me if you want to hook up with Canucks on the prairies.... where all the roads are straight and flat!!! And everyone owns Harleys!

    Going back to work now :( and not missing the cold and snow while I look out the window on a lovely Melbourne day!

  12. I'll take a Canadian Female, Blonde with huge boobs that likes V-Twins & Guinness thanks.
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  14. Pancakes!

    Canadian bacon!

    Maple syrup on both of the above!



    Actually...Clamato sounds foul (tomato & clam juice) but otherwise your waistline will fare well!
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  16. Hey, this is the internet, man, I'm reliably told you can post at any hour of the day or night, so while you might be physically absent, you can still stay in touch. You can be the Netrider Canadian Correspondent.

    Seriously, have a great trip. My uncle, a mad surfer, sold up and moved to Canada 'for a few years' and ended up staying there for 30 years, so there must be some good things about it.....
  17. You can be Netrider's 'our man in Canada'.

    Tim Horton's coffee and donuts are Canada's national food. The number of outlets is incredible - like adding all of Australia's Maccers, Hungrey Jacks and KFC stores together.

    Canadians are pretty laid-back people - I've had Canadian flatmates, work colleagues and friends - just don't compare them or Canada to Americans or the USA.
  18. Just incase theyre not send me back a glock 38 :)

    Farwell, goodluck and stay safe dude :grin:
  19. Send us a PM Roundabout, I know an ex-pat Aussie in canaduh who'll make you feel welcome, and if you ask nicely (a bnottle or two of ozzie red wine will help) he might even lend you his bike for a wee trip.

  20. Good luck with the trip, One of my friends is in canada at the moment and he is loving it although he says it is absolutely freezing.