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Farewell to wheels

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, Jan 1, 2007.

  1. Yesterday afternoon I had my third accident in less than two years since I got back into riding in 2005.

    I realise that my reflexes and skills are not what they were when I was 37, and to that end, and to ease my dear wife's worries every time I ride, and to avoid feeling as battered as I feel at the moment, I plan to sell the bike and retire from riding, although not from interest in motorcycles. I hope to be able to continue to make a valid contribution to Netrider if that is acceptable to the Administrators.

    This post requires no replies, please. I could go ahead and do what I am going to do without telling anyone, but that would be dishonest. But I am not posting this to elicit sympathy or kind words, just simply to acknowledge what Dirty Harry said in one of the movies, "A man's gotta recognise his limitations".

    Thank you for your understanding.....

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  2. Dedicated track bike :D You can't give up!
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  3. Glad this is unlocked now.
    Paul, you do what feels best for you and your immediate family.
    Whatever you decide, you'll still be a rider at heart.

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. I must be seeing things, 2 seconds ago there was another thread re this and now its gone?? Well, thats one heck of a way to start the New Year Paul. Only you can make the decision to ride or not, if you feel in your heart ( and head) that this is the right thing to do, so be it. My best wishes to you and I hope youre not too badly hurt. Any one who says otherwise is a total tool. I know of a few people at the momnent that arent keen on getting back on the horse yet, time will tell and its certainly not for me or anyone else to judge them.

  5. hope you're all right. can you give us details on the acco?

    so, i take it that the [NSW] Homebush Bay Brewery meetup, Tue Jan 2nd, is a no-go?
  6. Ok I hadn't intended this to develop into a thread at all, but just to explain what's happened....

    I went for a ride up Macquarie Pass, but it was wet, so about three corners in I turned around and rode slowly back down, but I hit a small piece of wood in the middle of a left hand corner. This washed the front wheel out and dumped me on my left side onto the road, at very low speed, I might point out, and the bike slide across the road and stopped in the dirt at the edge of a big drop. Some friendly motorists stopped and helped me retrieve it, and I was able to ride it home. Damage is mainly superficial, but I have again dented the tank, which will require at least a repair on that section, if not a respray....

    My long-ago broken left collar-bone held up yet again, and I haven't broken my shoulder/rotator cuff/shoulderblade, etc, but I have severely bruised all the ribs down my left side, so sleeping last might was a matter of taking some pain-killers and getting into a position and staying there. I also have a kevlar burn on my knee cap from my draggins, and a sore left ankle.

    I'm at peace with the decision and grateful to God for preserving me from more serious injury. I know Hazel will be more at ease too, and that's an important consideration.

    I DO hope to be able to stay on Netrider, even as a non-rider, I have made many valuable friendships and have been able to make some contribution to it.

    Thank you friends for your care and concern
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  7. +1 to that. Paul as far as I'm concerned you will always be a rider whether currently riding or not. you've had experiences that we can learn from and invaluable advice to pass on. I for one hope that you continue to drop in and say g'day to us all. take care and all the best to you and yours.
  8. The decision is yours and yours alone.
    All the best with what you do in the future regarding Motorcycling.
    Maybe get yourself a scooter to stay on 2 wheels?
  9. Hornet's hanging up the suspenders for good???

    Holy shit!

    You still better make some Ranch meets and stuff, Paul!
    True: you can do the track-bike option [but it starts to involve trailers and full planned days and entrance fees and blahblahblah). Dirt bikes also a possibility.

    Or maybe you'll get your thrills seeing your wife smile without that tiny hint of worry in her eyes :)
    We all get that smile, mate. From friends and family.

    While the majority of us say "Bugger it." and "Life's too short" - it's a big man who sacrifices something he loves for others, by choice not circumstance & out of wisdom, not coercion.


    See you back at the Ranch :grin:
  10. I'll have to re-post too.....
    Good luck Paul with whatever decision you make. I know from our discussions that you are an intelligent and thoughtful person. Do what is right for you. You are one of our community whether you own a bike or not.
    Healing wishes are sent your way from the Queenslanders of Netrider.
  11. Paul, the decision to hang up the helmet is not one to be taken lightly and I know you would have thought long and hard about it.
    As I have always have said if the fun is not there anymore then what is the point in doing it.
    I sincerely hope you do stay on the forum and Mrs Scumbag has just sayed the same thing over my shoulder.
    All the best hope to chat agin soon and catch up for coffee at some stage.
  12. I sent Paul a PM this morning, before the thread was unlocked:

    But I think Ktulu has said it best:

  13. Hey Paul couldn't you just grow a beard and buy a bloody Harley like all the other old bastards do ... either way it's your call mate, it's a decision that you have already made once before in your life and who knows, you just may change your mind again ..

    Either way .. stick around you the old Nutrider, these younguns could still do with some sound advice .... :LOL: :LOL:
  14. Hey Paul,
    It must have been a difficult decision, as others have said. Don't burn all your bridges though, it's in your blood :grin:
    Best wishes for the future, I hope you will still come to meetings,
  15. Then he'd have to wear a leather vest and chaps.............

    You made the right choice Paul :p :LOL:
  16. Sorry to hear of the accident Paul, but very happy to hear that your OK.

    As others have said, it's a tough decision to make but by the sounds of it an honest and soulful one. Happiness in one thing that should never be compromised.

    With or without steed, your contribution to Netrider is as valid as anyone else's and your ongoing participation is welcome and appreciated.
  17. I don't know how I missed this thread :roll:

    I am really happy to hear that you are okay Paul, and even if you won't be riding anymore, you must keep contributing to this forum....you are the forum :wink: :LOL:

    You offer a lot of very sensible advice and your witty comments would be sadly missed by most of the community here if you were not to participate any more. :cry:

    I hope that you heal well and remain a part of our motorcycling fraternity.

  18. No more Hornet? No more braces?? No more stuble???


    Catch up with ya at the meets still, right Paul?
  19. Ah, Paul...Ecclesiastes 3...

    Netrider is a wonderful mix of the new and enthusiastic with the old and wise. Your reminiscences - great riders like Kenny Blake, machines that many here have never heard of, let alone ridden , your "things were different when I was a lad" stories - all have contributed the the Netrider tapestry.

    Vic occasionally reminded us that you are motorcyclist whether or not you own a bike - because motorcycling is a state of mind, not just a registration slip with your name on it. Whether it's in a car, a plane or just walking, you will lean into corners, head check before changing lanes and keep one eye on that car pulling out through the stop sign. And, however you travel, there will always be the scent of the road, the sound of the wind and the hum of two tyres on bitumen.

    Good luck with whatever happens next. The adventure never stops.

    (PS Gliding is really cool, you can't fall off and most of what you've learned riding is transferable. Check out the local club)
  20. Paul, I saw this post this morning, when it was locked.

    It came as a surprise to read!!

    I'm glad it was unlocked. I'm glad you're ok. I'm sorry to read that you made the very difficult decision that you did, but I trust that you are at peace with it.

    Believe me, I empathise with the 3 prangs in 2yrs!!

    It's my hope you stay on line man... I'd hate to have a "memorable moments" thread at the end of the year which records Hornet600 moving on.

    Cheers Bro.