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Farewell to a Netrider

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Chairman, Apr 7, 2010.

  1. Some of you may remember Loz's nemesis, the fat arsed wombat. It seems he tried it on with a new victim and got his just deserts.

    Not slippery enough. Cop that, fatso.

  2. hmmm yep looks like the same crime, loz has a picture of him hanging on his wall. :rofl:

    Will see if i can dig up the pic
  3. And I always thought it'd be me that would get to drive an axe into that old bugger. RIP to a worthy adversary.
  4. lololol poor thing
  5. Forget? With the image of that bruise screen-burned into my retina? I only wish I could.

    Actually, now that I think about it, it has a curious resemblance to the Shroud of Turin...
  6. oh btw, yep looks like the same perp

  7. Heh heh I think those photos are still annotated, wherever they are. Probably in a box somewhere, I oughtta grab 'em out and stick 'em back up. :)
  8. if i am not correct but i think that picture is actually take on the on the GAR on the Harrietville side of hotham, the steep decent side(but it certainly isn't the b/s as it has white lines), either way he is a long way from the spur eh(y)
  9. That was my cousin Garry. He'd been eying that bloke off for a while now after deciding to turn carnivor. I'm not sure why he did it, something bout respecting the feelings of plants and humans being a sustainable resource. I guess after the fires he just went a bit strange but his family were always a bit odd. :-s ...Still, I have to admire his can do approach even when he can't. =D>

    Oh yes, rumours of my death have been mildly exaggerated.
  10. We'll tell Garry that his victim was the Uncle of one of the woman and my work. Apparently he is super embarrassed about being biatch slapped by Garry, and has even had to leave the area for a short while to get away from all the ribbing and attention from his mates.
  11. LMAO......

    I remember that party (or bits of it), the lesson here is textas and alcohol are a bad mix. I relearnt that lesson at one of my parties. :p

  12. I still got the pirate flag from the letter box that i waved at Loz on departure :cheeky:

    That party was funny as phuck :rofl::rofl:
  13. Never even looked like hitting one on my bike, but I clobbered one at the top of Brown Mountain about 10 years ago in the car. Did about $1200 worth of damage to my front suspension.
  14. I ran a trailer over one. Tough little bastard just got up and ran off.

    A mate of mine killed one with a Corolla. Reckons the sump must have hit it on the head.
    I say it was 120 years old, and had a heart attack coincidentally at the same time.
  15. I think this is much more likely. If the wombat hit the sump all that would be left of the engine would be the headers.
  16. I think Douglas Adams described wombats best when he called them "assymetrical launching pads for cars."
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