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Farewell Greg Pearce

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Unconnected, Aug 14, 2013.

  1. Thought i would chuck this video up on netrider so everyone can see what went on yesterday morning when about 150 bikes turned up to provide disgraced former minister Greg Pearce with a parting gift of cask wine.

    A good result, but i must say the netrider community needs to involve itself more with the fight against CTP insurance, im sure a lot of you are on the $2000 ctp group already, but as australia's leading bike forum its a bit disappointing that we are not using our huge numbers to lead the fight.

    If you live in NSW, write an email to your local member of parliament today and tell them you want to see the CTP scheme left alone.

    Enjoy the video, produced by David Cooke and he did a dam good job, share it around and tell your friends and family about these changes and how it will affect everyone not just riders.
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  2. So did all of that cheap wine get left there? The local homeless community would have thought it was Christmas if it was left! LOL
  3. Im not sure that it stayed around very long, @toadcat rode back to gov phillip place after we left the post ride meet about 40 mins after the deed was done and they were all gone. I assume the police just took them all.

    If only the homeless had a facebook, we could have organized them to arrive at the same time and have a party, at least that way Greg 'winesponge' Pearce could enjoy the company of his fellow winoes.
  4. Good to see you guys there! :)
  5. it was awesome fun ...

  6. Good on you guys. Fight the good fight.

    It is not really NR's brief, use NR to communicate the issues by all means but you should support your Peak body to co-ordinate the fight.

  7. It was mcc with motorcycle alliance that did most of the background legwork.

    I think 150 is a rather an overestimate. Maybe 60 or so would be more realistic.
  8. Was the event posted here?
  9. Dunno, maybe in the ctp thread.
  10. That's one of the best things I have seen. I love NSW.
  11. I dunno lilly, there were a lot of bikes on wentworth street, at least over 100. Did you go? I will be posting my own video in about 20 mins once the youtube upload is done, ill think you will agree there was at least 100 bikes there.

    Should have been way more though, but what can you do.
  12. Spread the message better.
  13. There were over ten thousand people on the fb group. People knew.

    I was there with nite kreeper. There may have been over 100. I may just be rubbish at estimating.
  14. yeah i guess so, but we did have 11,000 members so i think a large enough number were aware, herd mentality, someone else will protest for me so i dont have too.

    EDIT: Just saw lily's post, ah well that is good to know, i think an issue was the fact that it was designed initially as us semi gloating about beating the reforms, not a protest, however only a few days before it became clear that perhaps we were still going to get fcuked when the shooters changed their minds. Im sure if a proper call to arms for a real, stand infront of parli house yelling, protest, needs to go down.

    Anyway here is my shit attempt at a video summary of the day,
  15. 11,000. Wow.

    Yeah, that's sad.

    But we live in a society that views protestors as "ferals", "rent-a-crowds" etc.
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    Unbelievable!! All those motorcycles filtering and no one died! OMG, WTF

  17. Some Hobo must have thought he'd died and gone to heaven when he stumbled upon a giant pile of wine casks.

  18. There are over 10,000 members on the face book page where this was organised, what else would you like them to have done?
  19. Were there any fines issued or other problems with police?
  20. From what I understand the police were rather good about the whole thing and even directed some 'lost' riders to the correct location.