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Farewell grand lady...

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by I Adore Vic, May 21, 2007.

  1. Just saw this on the news :( :(

    Another beautiful old ship gone...what a shame. Also, gotta feel for those that worked with the organisation.



  2. Very very sad. I remember when I was about 13 making an Airfix plastic model kit of the Cutty Sark. It was without a doubt the most beautiful of the old tea clippers.....
  3. I remember drinking the Scotch - well actually those memories are a little blurry :LOL:. On a serious note though definately a shame to see a piece of history lost :(.
    Edit: Oh and if the fire was deliberate hope those responsible are caught and dealt a suitable punishment - I'm thinking an old-fashioned Keel-Haul might be in order.
  4. :cry:

    I hope the masts etc were off the boat when that happened, looks to be so, as you can see temporary shelters built on the deck, which fits in with the "timbers off the ship" quote. Large trees to build such masts are just about impossible to obtain anymore.
    Was a fast boat, held fastest passage times between continents right into the 70's.
    Amazing that back in teh day, large sail powered vessels like this were manouvred into wharves and docks under their own sail power, in harbours barely big enough for them.

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. Good.

    Now they can chuck a 450 Chevy in it when they restore it.
  6. Mast, running gear, coach house etc were off being restored.

    remember seeing her as a kid (late 60's), i think she was tied up at southhampton then, or was that the newer one that Francis Chichester did the first round the world voyage on :?
  7. Poor pirates, nothing to sail now. :cry:

  8. are you sure ???
    Wasn't it the full scale model you were working on ??
  9. Nah it was the model they used in the original design stages! :LOL: :LOL:
  10. According to the news she is going to be rebuilt. She has an iron hull and only the timber frames and some decking was burnt. Most of the other stuff like masts and superstructure had already been removed and is safe. I remember going aboard her when I worked in England, I can still remember the smell of tar, paint, and timber...very evocative.. :)
  11. Well! Whatever floats your... umm... nevermind.
  12. Ktulu, you are a boofhead, but the possibly the funniest boofhead I have ever known.... :LOL:
  13. Sad,
    I have some B/W photos of her tied up on the Thames in London, in the earliy sixties.
    A truely impressive sight
  14. Inci...tis part of the reason why I love sailing on these old things (or replica's of the old things :grin: )... it's nearing lay-up time for the ship I crew on... amongst other things we re-tar all the lines. It's sticky and it's smelly but hell you could bottle that stuff and sell it as perfume to all the old (and not so old!) salts such as myself. :grin:

    These old ships are pretty awesome..here's a recent photo of the one I crew on - magic: (Queenscliff lighthouses in the background). The photo was taken by Capt. John Joubert on the 30th April 07...


    It's good to hear they're going to rebuild the Cutty Sark. She was undergoing maintenance when it happened so yeah, it's good to see they still have much of the timbers and masts etc. It's gonna be a long process though - give all those volunteers who worked aboard her something positive to do...
  15. Thats a nice relaxing pic you got there Rosie.

    A different perspective, from the deck


    No pics of Rosie in her cabinperson outfit tho
  16. Ah...you're a good man Jafu :wink: :LOL:

    (PS...brill. photo!) :grin: Where's the one of you aloft???? Huh??? :grin:
  17. Well I don't really post in this section too much, but this news is a real shame, and I am now very glad we recently took the trip overseas and saw this clipper in all it's glory. :(
  18. Yep, using an oil tanker, freighter, or the QEII. That should finish them off.

    I will never understand what motivates people to destroy such things, if that is what happened. Sad, very sad.