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Farewell from Muttly

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Muttly, Jun 10, 2010.

  1. I know this is the welcome lounge but I thought it might also be the most appropriate place to say farewell. I've sold the FJR and am off to live in Sinagpore for the foreseeable future.

    I never would have guessed when I joined Netrider back in 2006 how much I was going to benefit from the experience. During the time I have met so many riders that I’m now proud to call mates and the camaraderie of the riders up here in Queensland has always inspired me to organise one more group ride or one more social event.

    If the motto of Netrider is connecting riders than it certainly has achieved its purpose. From the first post I put up saying I was going for a ride up to Maleny if anyone’s interested to full on organised group rides, the one thing that this site has achieved is “connecting riders”.

    Although I couldn’t possibly list the number of riders that I’ve connected with through this site, there are some that I have to just say thank you to:

    Iffracam, I know you’re not on this site much anymore, but if you’re lurking than thanks, because if it wasn’t for what you taught me about group rides I would have given up after the first rather mediocre attempt. I’ll catch up with you in Tassie some time.

    Super TEC’s Fabes. BalmyBrowny, Grofaz and 17SJS who never complained about sitting at the back of the pack and who had unbelievable patience in assisting everyone to ensure we all got to where we were supposed to be.

    Ride Reporters Black Magic and Sooty who could put the joy of riding some of the excellent Queensland roads into words and who's pearls of wisdom are recorded here http://members.ozemail.com.au/~muttly/

    Cuvy who I could always turn to when I needed a leader through the really twisty sections. It was amazing the number of times I heard someone on an R1 say, “I almost kept up with the guy on the cow bike through Obi Obi.”

    Lastly, TheBigD, who I met on the first night I went to the Coffee Club at Milton on a Friday night for a Netrider get together and who I’ve been riding with ever since. He’s helped me with Recce’s, TEC and just about every other facet of organising the rides. Thanks Mate!

    For all you other guys and gals that have come along on our rides, I’d also like to say thanks. It’s been a ball.

  2. All the best mate with whatever your adventures may be, i dont think the site will be going anywhere soon, so a good place to come back to in the future, safe travels :)
  3. Thanks Goz, I'll certainly be keeping an eye on things from the great Far East and the first thing I'll be doing when I get back is checking out the classifieds for a new ride 8-[
  4. Good luck with everything Muttly

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  5. All the best with your new life & adventures.
    Have very fond memories of the wonderful hospitality extended by you Queenslanders on the Netrider "Lock up your pussy"tour. Good luck!
  6. All the best with your move to Singapore Muttly, a truly magnificent and one of my favourites destinations in Asia (just arrived back in Oz after 8yrs in Hong Kong though still frequent Asia throughout every month).
    Hope all goes well for you abroad and I'm betting you'll be on 2 wheels again in no time.
    Cheers and good luck mate.
  7. Thanks for the well wishes and Smee, as an OFARC member, if you could pass this on to Iffracam that would be great.
  8. Good luck Bro, Enjoy the 'curry puffs'!
  9. Take care mate. Shame I never got to meet up with you on a ride. All the best!
  10. Gotta love that s******ing hound, smee

    Mate, best wishes for your future, whatever it holds, and among the people who only seem to join here so they can complain about the place, it's nice to hear from someone who prizes it for what it is; a place for riders to connect.

    :? Why the hell is s n i g g e r i n g censored? Fair dinkum, talk about nanny state :roll:
  11. Cya later mate. All the best with whatever your life holds.
    Always enjoyed your rides.
  12. Umah!! You said the "S" word!! LOL
  13. Hornet, Maybe you should have said SNEGRO! I can't believe that what you said was censored and that wasn't.

    Muttly, all the best mate.
  14. Have a great one, it has been fun