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far out!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Noel, Nov 26, 2004.

  1. got my first bike new from the shop. went for my first ride . I come back and half an hour later and I realise that the seat is loose. It's a dr650se suzuki. The front hook under the seat wasn't on. how's that - you buy a new bike as a learner and they give you a *&^%ing death trap. I could see, between the seat and the bike through the gap, that the hook wasn't secured. didn't realise it as a new rider but &*$. There's no gap between seat and bike anymore!
    New pre ride check. Make sure the seat is secured.
    I fixed the seat myself but at first I considered getting them to do it. They would have had to pick the bike up and take it to the store workshop themselves as I'm not confident enough to ride that far yet. The &^%$#s would have made be pay to transport the bike to the shop I think - because in the warranty book it says you gotta get the bike there yaself for warranty repairs.

  2. Honda would never have done something like that. At Honda every employer is allotted a bike number and is automatically under a contract by the bikes owner. So therefore, you are the employee's boss and have the capability of sacking him and reassigning another employee to the job at Honda's discretion. They also deduct the full amount out of the employee's annual pay but they are paid a hell of a lot more than other motorcycle mechanics because of their strict protocol. This is the reason why Honda services are second to none.
  3. I guess thats why the guys at Peter Stevens in North Melbourne decided they needed to thrash my bike (They triggered the g-force/crash sensor on my bike alarm three times during an initial "test ride" when I left the bike for the second service.). Some strict policy they have...probably should have pushed the issue but I too damn nice so I'll just take my business elsewhere.
  4. Not heard much good about PS servicing department and my experiences were that whilst the job was done I was personally less than impressed with workamnship/customer service.

    Not heading back there myself in a hurry.
  5. Funny, I bought my bike from PS and they did a great job and customer services was great. We did deal with the sales department for the most part....but if I had a hard time at the service dept I would let them know.
  6. Yeah I guess a lot of it is just down to luck (who you get on the day). I took my bike down to PS in Dandy for a RWC and they were fantastic. Found a few little things wrong with it that they offered to fix there and then and charged me less than $20 for the work :)

    I have heard some horror stories about the Melbourne branch though so watch out people....
  7. No nice things to say about PS service (Geelong) from me - I get a bike sold to me with "RWC" - well, how could it have been roadworthy when the indicators didn't work properly and the brake light was permanently on ???

    When I finally managed to get it to Geelong, I was made to pay for the priviledge of having them correct the problem!!!

    Will -NEVER- deal with them again (apart from general gear - the chap there was excellent!)
  8. yer bought my bike in the city too and was "generally" happy with how that went. The first service gave my bike back with it feeling tighter and more responsive, which is why I went back there, but who knows how hard they thrashed it during the test ride(s) then, especially since it would have been amongst the first CBR1000RRs they had seen.

    I spoke to the guys at the service department on 3 occasions about my g-force sensor being tripped. Twice on the day and then the day after but they seemed to be scrambling to deny and or weasel out of it as much as possible. There was definitely no "the customer is always right" or feeling that they were going to look into it.

    They would have been riding my bike recklessly around North Melb with a better than average chance that the mechanic were speeding in the 60km/h zone. The only possible way they could have legally and reasonably safely getting the result of tripping the g-force sensor is perhaps under hard braking but I have never had it tripped this way and I've grabbed the anchors pretty damn hard a few times.
  9. Maybe you should try a real Honda Dealer next time Matt,seems to me the service dept at PS is generally a PoS and not all staff are Honda qualified mechs'
    Just a thought :wink:
  10. Where would you recommend?

    I've already contacted Redwing and discovered they have loan bikes (for a fee) I can use while mine is being serviced. This is better than the convience of having the shop close to work and I've heard good things about their service.
  11. I know for a fact Honda in Dandenong and Jeffrey Honda in Ferntree Gully are great. Jeffrey Honda also offer a late model courtesy bike while yours is getting fixed. I had a 2002 CBHornet 900 - no fee, but i did buy a brand new bike off them, not sure if that had something to do with it or not.

    One time I took my bike to get a new tire at Peter Stevens in Dandenong and almost killed myself driving out onto the busy highway! They forgot to bleed the brakes and I almost went straight into oncoming traffic. It was one fright I care not to remember and embedded a good reason in my mind why I should stay with Honda. I also bought some leather AGV leather gear and Alpine star boots from them and the leather jacket started falling apart at the seams within the first week. I ended up bringing it back 3 times for them to send it away and repair it. All up took about 6 weeks of waiting around and no riding. I just think PS don't run a tight ship like the smaller organizations of Honda do. I'm not a big fan of Honda World in Fountain Gate either, although I have had no bad experiences there but I just don't feel as valued a customer as the smaller Honda shops like in Dandenong and Ferntree Gully. The guys that work there fully know what they're talking about. Where as Honda New World in Foutain Gate seem a little green around the edges if ya know what i mean
  12. Jefferys in Ferntree Gully would be my first choice.Mick the mech always has time to explain and field questions,they are a tad exe but ya gets what ya pay for ay :wink:
    Matt your prolly a shot with Redwing i don't remember hearing any horror stories 'bout 'em.
  13. I've always taken the Storm to Redwing and I have to say they have been excellent. If ever there have been issues they will check it out free of charge. Steering head went loose once and they fixed it. Had an issue with a front tyre and they kept giving me new ones until I was happy.

    They now have a new workshop that is awesome and soon they'll have a dyno as well.
  14. Go to Redwing. They are a Honda chapter dealer. They really look after you there, especially if you ride a honda and/or are a member of HRCA.
  15. just a note for people buying new or second hand bikes never trust the dealer when you get the bike home get yr tool kit out start from the front work yr way back to the back check every nut and bolt on your bike (you might even find a nut and bolt not even there)for your own piece of mind check it over mine was brand new honda 1100 and i found no bolt or nut installed (right side) in my rear dov tail frame I took the bike back moaned at the service guy they checked the other 1100 that was in shop and sure enough it wasnt in there either now they have to recall the other 1100`s they have sold
    so who do you trust NO ONE but yrself
    just a thought for everyone
    cheers all
  16. Has anyone ever gotten a straight answer from the terrible twins, seriously you may as well just go beat your own head up aginst a wall, it wouldn't bee as frustrating. put it this way if someone has no personal interest in bikes then you shouldn't be paying them to look after yours.
    If your gravity gizmo went off it is because they treated your bike like shit, pretty much sums up how they treated me and my bike.
    I'd really love to hear the crap excuses that they expected you to believe.

    Here's one for you, a mate of mine wanted a firm quote on a total rebuild and every time he rang the estimate changed. They would only give him a verbal quote, their excuse was that if they faxed a quote to him the writing would be too small to read.

    I could go on but why..... everyone knows by now what wankers they can be.
  17. Yer I've had a great experience with Jeffrey Honda as well when Knightrider dropped her VTR250 and broke the front brake leaver. Since neither of us was going to be able to get there before they closed they asked the 7-11 next door to hang onto it and sure enough when I arrived it was ready and waiting (Knightrider paid on the phone).

    While there I did my best Garfield impersonation against Jeffrey's front window and it looked like a damn good setup. I'd be keen to take my bike there but unfortunately its a pretty big hike for me which doesn't make it as attractive.

    In actually fact, as I type this, Redwing has my bike after my electrical issues of the past couple of days came to a anti-climax this morning. Even though it has ended a weekend I'd planned to got on some big rides, I would prefer that it happened now rather than next weekend when I head down to Tassie.

    When I got my bike back from my first service at PS in North Melb (purchased at PS in city) I discovered I was missing an eyelet for one of the fairings so you can bolt it down hard with cracking or damaging the plastic. Could have been lost during the first service but might never have been there. Got the $3 part and put it on there myself.
  18. Doesn't it just make you sick?