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Far Canal!

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Mr Flibble, May 21, 2009.

  1. Words fail me...



  2. That's one way of tailgating...
  3. Nothing beats towing photos. Awesome stuff :p
  4. I wonder if you could modify that hitch to fit on a bike?.....
  5. That guy has it all wrong. He needs a beetle with roof racks with his tow hitch on top.
  6. Heh, nice job.
  7. The lump of wood from the tow bar makes it.

    I remember seeing a panel-van with a homemade lift kit on it, once.
    The lift kit consisted of blocks of wood between the body and the chassis rails.

    I can only assume that the engineer died of a combination heart-attack/stroke, but coughed blood onto the form that looked exactly like his signature on his way to the ground.
  8. Source? :shock:
  9. The 'safety' chains with the little hooks are a lovely touch too

    I lifted it from the Ulysses forum

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    ^ you mean like this?

  11. Now that is engineering brilliance.
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  13. LOL what a redneck job!

    I dont get the beatle thing. how does the saftey chain not get tangled from teh 360 spinning
  14. Nice idea but wouldn't it be bloody noisy having a trailer hitch 12 inches from your head?

    Then again. I 'spose you wouldn't notice the difference in beetle :)