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fantasy musical roadtrip

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by nobby, Oct 6, 2006.

  1. Following on from Rosie's question on concerts you've attended, and if time travel were possible, what 3 artists would you like to have seen?

    For me it would be:

    the late 60's to see Ginger Baker and Clapton in Cream

    on the way home I would stop in 86 to see Queen live at Wembley,

    but the ultimate BIGGIE would be to stop in Berlin in 1990 to see Pink Floyd play The Wall at the wall.....

    .....every road trip needs a detour, my would be to anywhere where I could see U2 and Pavarotti perform "Miss Sarajavo" live...
  2. Saw the Doors of the 21st century with Ian Astbury of the Cult doing vocals, have also seen the Australian Doors Experience. Would kill my own family to Jim Morrison live.

    There was a band in the nineties called Sublime, they played Ska/Punk/Hip-Hop and had a 'one hit wonder' with "What I Got". They actually made 5 albums (I own them all) and we're hooj in SoCal, until their singer dies of a heroin O/D. They never toured Australia and so I never got to see them.

    Lastly, Hunter & Collectors played their final ever concert at Selinas a couple of months before I turned 18, kicked myself ever since. Every time I listen to the 'Under One Roof' CD (the live recording of that concert) it brings with it a pang of regret...

    Oh well.
  3. Elvis - and I'd take my Dad...he loved Elvis. I remember one night yrs ago, Mum and us kids got home from somewhere and Dad was in the kitchen crying. Mum asked him what was wrong and he said Elvis died. Only time I can ever remember him crying. So yeh...Elvis for sure.

    Men at Work - before they were famous.

    Woodstock 1969 - Hendrix...Canned Heat....Joe Cocker...lots of peace and lovin. :cool: