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Fancy Dress "Ride to the Sea"

Discussion in 'NSW' started by NiteKreeper, Sep 27, 2011.


    Like dressing up?
    Love riding?
    Why not combine the two on the 2011 inaugural "Ride to the Sea"?!

    Sunday, November 20, 2011 - 9am meet for a 9.30am launch.

    Starting from Nurragingy Reserve Blacktown, ending at Arthur Byrne Reserve at Maroubra for a sausage sizzle. Google map here
    Route will follow the Great Western Highway to Parramatta Road, then King Georges to Blakehurst, Princes Highway and Botany Road to Maroubra Beach.

    Apart from being a bunch of fun, it is hoped that our outlandish costumery will highlight the presence of motorcycles on public roads, ultimately reducing the chances of SMIDSY collisions through heightened awareness. Oh, and why not?!

    Fancy Dress?
    Yep, fancy dress! Apart from the fun factor, it will gently push the message that we're always out there, regardless of what we wear. And that if you look, you'll see us...
    While I strongly recommend you wear something outrageous, I'm not asking anyone to forgo their personal sense of safety; if you're an ATGATT rider, wear all your gear by all means.

    I will ask for a $5 donation at the end of the ride, before the sizzling starts. This will cover costs of the BBQ, and any leftover funds will be donated to the Fred Hollows Foundation.

    All riders are invited, regardless of affiliation or license class. Please spread the word outside NetRider too. The route avoids the freeways.
    It's also an opportunity to get your family and/or friends involved, since the destination is a playground area and a BBQ.
    Unfortunately the BBQ area is on a "first come..." basis, so we'll need a small party to "reserve" one for us early in the day. If you're not riding but would still like to be involved, you can be a BIG help in this way...

    Please post in this thread if you're able to attend as a rider or a "helper", and include expected numbers so I can cater the thing adequately.

    NiteKreeper (Weather-dependant)
    Chicken78 (+1 Borat)
    Finn + nephew (Ernie & Bert? Bananas?)
    Goz (Gorilla? Skeleton?)
    Tone2 (Penguin)
    davidp1984 +1
    ONE (Teddy Bear?)

    FaceBook Attendees: (Please advise if you're already listed above...)
    John Stirling
    Christina Gorringe
    Kryssie Massarella
    James Price
    Alexander Laface
    Robiso Taro
    Antonio Dé Chin Chin
    Wayne Welch
    Adam Luscombe
    Stephen Hafzalla
    Tony Heywood
    Andy Gray
    Pat Blom
    Luke Thomson
    Jason Alexander
    Louis Leung
    Adam Mack

    Mav + Mrs Mav + Mav Jr

    Snowman (+1)
  2. Possibly attending...
  3. Put me as possibly attending]
  4. Alright! So far we could ALMOST make the Village People...
  5. #5 Tone2, Sep 27, 2011
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  6. Awesome work Kreeps. I would love to attend this, but I'm in Melbourne. I will see if there is some way for me to still make it if possible. I could ride up on the Saturday, but would need to ride home again on Monday (hence, time off work which MAY not be possible). I really hope this is a successful event.
  7. Put me down. Nov 20 is a can do
  8. You gonna ride up chicken?
  9. Nope, Ill drive the ute up with bike, as much as Im up for new experiances, the hume will kill me with boredom on the bike.
  10. Awesome! That's 2 confirmed, and one of them is a bona-fide lady!
    At least we won't look like a gay couple out for a Sunday cruise...
    (Not that there's anything wrong with that ;))
  11. Now, what to wear .......

    And Im working on 3 mates from singo too ;)
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  12. Chicken Suit, natch!
    I may be able to help if you don't wanna lug something up...
  13. Not to keen on waking up early on my days off to go to blacktown, but I see you're passing through my neck of the woods, perhaps i'll just scoot around till I see a bunch of riders in fancy dress and just tag along.

    I don't have a costume but my helmet seems to attract alot of attention. Pretty hard to miss.
  14. Put me down as a confirmed :grin:
  15. Put me down as 'I wish I could make it'.
  16. #16 smileedude, Sep 27, 2011
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    Im terrible at making plans this far ahead but im commenting now to subscribe. Im a maybe
  17. I had you down for one of these...

  18. Can you dink me?

  19. [​IMG]
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