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Fancy a new pair of Dainese Gloves?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Archaeon, Apr 23, 2012.

  1. Haven't shopped from this place before, but for under $125 AUD for a pair of Dainese Full Metal Pro gloves... I'm tempted.

    Anyone have any experience from this site?

    The reviews and feedback from this seller seems alright, most of the negative feedback is due to communications.. the products seem to be genuine and good quality.


    I could always send em a message in chinese if communications are the only issue :grin:

  2. counterfeit
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  3. dont buy there.....i got a dodgy glove. looked exactly the same but on closer inspection there were many clear differences. Quality was also not there.
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  4. We have bought gloves and back protector from http://www.bimoto.be/
    Excellent communication, great savings and we had our gear on our hands five days after ordering! There is now a new Dainese jacket on order which isn't available in Australia yet.
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  5. sportbiketrackgear.com

    they have what you need mate, i bought probably 2k worth of stuff off them recently for my self and combined with friends.

    They have the best service, shipping is fast if you go for fedex, pricy, but you still come off better then buying locally.

    check them out, best internet retailer handsdown.
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  6. Whoah !! This place has a HUGE range.. !! (y)
  7. they have so much stuff you just cant get in australia. if you use the size charts, and talk to them about sizing and your body shape then in my experience its just as good service wise as australia.
  8. Hmm.. these guys appear to be pretty cheap by comparison to the other sites.. not sure about the delivery though... stuff from EU take aaaaages.. Still awesome range though
  9. Geez..!! They even have full racesuits goin' out at almost half price!!
    Despite our dollar being all bad ass at the moment.... This place is gonna send me broke!! I want what I don't need... and that's bad! .. I LOVE IT [​IMG]
  10. We made payment on a Thursday and were wearing our gloves on the following Tuesday. Can't get that sort of service from Australian business' and emails get answered in 24 hours.
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  11. Hi

    Thanks for the link these guys are seriously cheaper than anywhere else. Know where I will be shopping!!

    Cheers Jeremy

    PS what sort of shipping charge, I see from their site that they agree it with you before hand. If you do not mind telling what was the shipping on the jacket you have ordered?
  12. Jacket shipping is 20 Euro.
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  13. Thanks very much, cannot believe how much cheaper these guys are than anywhere else.

    Cheers Jeremy
  14. We purchased Pro Carbon mens and ladies gloves and a ladies wave back protector. Bimota advertise the gloves for 106.61eu and the Dainese website advertise them for 129.00eu.
    The cheapest the gloves could be purchased local was $200.00.
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  15. [​IMG] .... Anyone know if MCAS will be open today?
  16. ahh okay, yeah iv gone past there store couple times just wondering how they are etc in the market for some boots and gloves. i feel like with all the shipping costs you end up paying the same anyway