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Famous rider quotes

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by cjvfr, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. Barry was always good for a comment. This particular one was specifically addressed at FIM after a set of rule changes that he believed detracted from the spectacle of the sport. I miss him :)

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  3. " It felt like it needed 1 tooth off the rear"

    Wayne Rainey, after being clocked at over 300 km/h on his yzr500
  4. Mike Hailwood
    arriving at a circuit he'd never seen before......... something along the lines of

    "which way do I go and what's the lap record".
  5. Sorry to nitpick but riders have been (allegedly) saying that for decades. Anyone who genuinely DID say it was just requoting the joke......
  6. I reckon that I have heard that line 1000 times.
  7. ... and, as I pointed out in my post, 1,000s of time BEFORE then; the world did not start when you became aware of it :roll:.
  8. Let's not argue about trivial shit, fellas.
  9. When you're as old as I am, 'decades' means ages ago. Marco is very recent.
  10. Paul is certainly old,
    He was instrumental in the invention of the wheel.
    There were originally 15 commandments and he helped Moses carry down the stone tablets but Paul dropped one of them hence we only have 10.
    He is so old his legs have fossilised.
    He is so old he actually lived in a cave.
  11. Paul set the first lap record around the Colliseum, in both directions. It's amazing how quickly you can move, when you are being chased by a Lion or two.
  12. will have to re-read Hailwood's bio then wont I, then complain to the publisher
  13. VR - "Does my bum look big in this?"
  14. "Are you out of your mind? Is this some kind of a joke? Are you serious that you do this?"

    Eddie Lawson commenting on golf.
  15. "You can only ride the crest of a wave for so long"
    Wayne Rainey, commenting about something motorcycle related

    "Crush it and we'll start again"
    Eddie Lawsons thoughts after riding the NSR 500 for the first time in 1989

    "I don't know how much he's (Casey) is getting paid, but it's not enough"
    Nicky Haydens first reaction after steping of the Ducati GP8

  16. this is not a famous racers quote, but from a Japenese engineer responsible for a very good bike competing in the Swann series.
    After doing NSW , QLD, then the final round at Calder, and learning a lot about Aussies during his three weeks in Australia, the following Monday morning was spent playing golf. About 10am, back to our house in Melbourne for breakfast, (Sammy had to fly back to Japan that Monday arvo) , we had very good porterhouse from the butcher around the corner, cause we had been on the road for three weeks and needed a good feed and had not eaten much the night before after Calder.

    Sammy's quote in broken English was..........

    "Golf before breakfast, maybe I believe you Aussies, but this very good porterhouse for breakfast, no I do not believe this."
  17. Reply by Graeme Crosby to my question "what sort of tyres do you use" Crosby "Round black things on the rims" (Standing next to his Ross Hannan Yoshimura Z1R outside the workshop). Me "You don't race that do you" Crosby's reply "It's better than pushing it" He was a funny bastard.
    Saw him in a 6 hour race at Amaroo, Hailwood was in the same race. Crosby riding Z1R on short section before the main straight standing on footpegs, left hand on abdomen bowing as he had just overtaken Hailwood the lap before.