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Famous people who ride

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Kamikaze_Kawasaki, May 3, 2005.

  1. Having read another thread I came across this below......

    I recall that Keanu Reeves rides and when the Pakistani cricketeers were here on tour last year there were pics of Shoaib Akhtar with a CBR1000 that he allegedly brought whilst over here.

    So what other famous people ride?
  2. Barnes? :p
  3. 2 names from toy run springs to mind
    Eric Bana and Cathy Freeman :)
  4. The Terminator
  5. Continuing Keanu Reeves and riding, i remember something about him buying the whole behind-the-scenes stunt team, custom Harleys after the success of The Matrix.
  6. Darn the name escapes me but there is a childrens tv presenter that rides... she has long blond hair... and she rides a CBR600 and there was a guy (probably boyfriend) that was always with her on a CBR250RR...

    Also I have personaly chit chated with Jeff Kenet about bikes... apparently he has a Harly that he can not ride... (some thing about polys not being allowed)
  7. Jay Leno has quite a few (along with his HUGE car collection).

    Mark Phillipousos (a Duke), Russell Crowe, and Paul Mercurio (Gixxer I think) ride.

    I've got memories of Dan Akroyd riding and I'm pretty sure Ewen McGregor, Liam Neeson, Gérard Depardieu and Peter Fonda all do (or did) ride.

    Doesn't Keanu ride an old Norton Commando? Mind you he's probably got a collection (damn rich people)
  8. ME........Ohh sorry i'm not famous............YET
  9. Pollies not allowed to ride?
    You sure about that?
  10. Tom Cruise - he has a yellow bike

    I've been on tv lots of times - does that count??
  11. speaking of tara moss being a rider, did anyone see her at the honda open day recently? i was there on the saturday and there was no sign of her (i think she was meant to be making an appearance, perhaps it was on sunday)
  12. He didnt buy it. It was given to him to ride while he was in Australia for the cricket.
  13. that is exactly what Jeff Kenet told me... but than who would belive a polly...
  14. good to see Tara Moss knows how to protect her fine form :p although i can't say as much for other celebrities like shoaib setting an example. i got the impression he was one of those boy racers who wears designer clothes and a helmet cause he has to. not the best role model. and although this is a repeat and someone will scream at me for saying it, but ewan macgregor and charley boorman wrote a book about their mtotrcycle adventures. the long way round is the title.
  15. Didn't Red Symons used to ride?
  16. John Faine (ABC Radio Melbourne) owned a Guzzi, I think. Bob Hawke nearly died when he stacked his Panther.
  17. Jim Carrey has a Hardly (or cruiser of some sort).. Ben Affleck has a sportsbike.. good ole Keiran Perkins rides some sports bike.. thats all I can think of at the moment :)
  18. I remember that John Birmingham (Felafel) mentioned something about how he used to ride in his "How to be a Man" book.
  19. Daryl Eastlake rides as does the deputy prime minister John Anderson.
  20. <Smacks forehead>

    How could I forget? The Australian motorcyclists' poster-girl