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Famous netrider spotted on TV!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Brmmm, Oct 15, 2010.

  1. I happened to spot our very own GnomeOomps on TV just now. Appropriately enough he was in the garage. Pretty cool, Ben. (I'll try not to mention how TV really does add 10lb:D)

    PS did you actually sell anything?
  2. He better have been wearing all the gear he bought from me or I will get very cross and stamp my foot a lot :)
  3. he looked very faggotry on tv
  4. that word is not allowed Goz
  5. Where was his mum? I didn't see her.
  6. Cool, what does gnomsey do?
  7. HAHA!
    I didn't even know this thread was up until Pete told me about it.
    Yeah I was looking pretty fat on there. Need to start doing more exercise where I drop the bike and pick it back up again. :D

    To answer the questions:
    Brmmm - Yes I did sell stuff, about $250 worth. But that was at my mums place and I had been up since 5am... looked like a zombie.

    ML - I think I may have been wearing your jeans, but I don't know how I could communicate to Tara via my arse where the logo was... hmmmm. Not on TV anyway.

    Goz - you would know (y)

    Freeform - I am in IT. But part time TV personality, lol!
  8. What was the show?
  9. Better poofs and gardens
  10. He means better gnomes and gardens
  11. Too embarrassed to say ;)
  12. Iron Gnome
  13. Nah, 'twas The Gnome and the Beautiful.
  14. dammit, here's me thinking it'd be something lame like Gnome & Away
  15. Days of our gnomes?
    Gnomes of our lives?
    Top Gnome?
    ANDRA Pro series Gnome racing?
  16. HAHA!
    I like the Gnome racing one. (y)