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Famous Men and Their Motorcycles

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Rohizle, Apr 12, 2011.

  1. Reads like an ad for Triumphs,

    Should be, famous men and their Trumpets,

    I liked the piccy of the Squaffer, I rode one of those for a while, More torque than you could poke a stick at, Very good ride,
  2. Still on the older dudes, a guy I reckon is actually a good poster child for bike safety is Macgyver (the anti-squid :))

  3. Great page, thanks for sharing. Shame it ends there though.

    The contraptions that Brad Pitt rides around on deserves to be in there. Billy Idol nearly killed himself on his bike about a decade ago.

    Heh heh, I guess now we can argue about what famous means.

    Thread derailment in...



  4. There's a lot more that could be on there as well.

    What about Arnie? The Governator still rides regularly.
  5. Now you're talking. There was a thread on here a couple of years ago but it turned to crap if memory serves. Celebrity riders I think it was.
  6. The first person to say Ewen McGregor gets stabbed.

    Just saying.
  7. Jay Leno has an enviable collection of bikes and I believe he rides them.
  8. Leno's garage is every boys wet dream. I tip my hat to him, he could of squandered his money on coke and hookers, his addiction is far worse though.

  9. What about Charlie Boorman?

    he's the one on the right of the shot :cheeky:

  10. Looks like someone stabbed him with heroin.

    But yes, you win.

    Bastard :p
  11. How about Tom Cruise..........
  12. How about a shiv.....

  13. beat me to it...

    Hugh Laurie (House) keeps a stable of bikes both in London & in the States.

    Hugh Jackman and Johnny Depp as well if you're talking actors.
  14. Didn't a former leader of the liberal party ride a motorbike?

    Must not be famous because I can't remember his name....
  15. ...yep, old what's his name. We had one down here too, got himself in the paper on a scooter while squidding. Comedy gold.

    Tony knows.
  16. Dr Brendan Nelson????
  17. That's the bloke.....
  18. Jamie Durie? Supposedly semi famous in the USA (gardener on the Oprah show?); rides a GSXR I think.
  19. Quite a few 'A'-listers ride, some more than others.