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Famous and adored bike rider

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jimmyv, May 24, 2009.

  1. Some days when cruising around I feel like a celebrity with pretty girls smiling at me as I ride past. Little kids wave and jump up and down as you ride past. Strangers come charging up to you on the street when u park and start chatting away like old friends...

    Other days you feel like you are a scum motorcycle rider and people frown at you and try to merge on top of you in traffic.

    Just merely an observation and wondering if other people experience similar behaviours
  2. thats because you have your helmet on and they cant see your head
    unfortunatly by this time, they have seen you with your helmet off :LOL: :LOL:
  3. Now it makes sense :LOL:
  4. I often wave to little kids in the back of cars then stick my finger up at the parent when they cut me off.
  5. Feels awesome with the helmet and gear on, riding around and up the Highway. Because:

    1. No one can see my face
    2. No one knows who i am
    3. No one knows what i do
    4. No one can comment on me personally.
    5. Its just me, my bike and the road

    People are always friendlier to me when i am riding, i wave lots to other bikes, even some people in cars wave. I think its coz we are having fun, and like smiles, its infectious and the feeling spreads. Plus, everybody loves a shiny machine!!! LOL!

    Cages merging on top of u? LOL, its just jealousy coz they know they are gonna get stuck in the traffic and u get to filter thru them!! LMAO!

  6. Most of my rides are a positive experience; any negative experience is on the side of the cager who pisses me off.
  7. hahaha love waving to kids in the back seat or on the side of the road :)
    or playing hide and seek with my visor up n down at the lights on the way home tonight :LOL:
  8. I always wave to the little kids. I remember as a young tike seeing the guys on supersports bikes and they were the coolest thing out there. I get a lot of young kids staring at me so i'll give it a rev and wave. Hopefully it makes their day like it used to make mine. The parents get a kick out of it to :grin:

    I don't really notice the bad things. On the odd occasion on the motorway when i'm splitting a cager will move over to block me but i don't get upset. I just swerve and use the gap they created on the other side. That's as bad as it gets for me then again i don't really hang around all that much to risk receiving verbal abuse.
  9. Hahaha, I split down traffic the other day to park it, backed to the curb, and looked up at the side of the massive 4wd parked in traffic right in front of me. This little kid, still strapped into a child seat, goes "COOOOOOOOOL" and I give him the thumbs up, so he then lifts into view his toy motorcycle. I swear to god this thing was massive, like 1/5th scale lol.