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Famous again!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Morbo28, Jul 28, 2009.

  1. was looking at www.news.com.au to be surprised that they have dug up a pic taken of me with my mates at the Sydney 2000 Olympics... and used it under the heading "Larrikin or Lout" :LOL:

    It's on the front page about halfway down. Here's a screenshot


    Now...this was the first day of the olympics...you know...BEFORE we were all sick of Aussie bastards yelling chants :grin:

    (The people inside the actual article are two other friends)

    So yeah, that was a bit of a surprise - you never know when people are gunna publish a photo of you!!

    (For the record I don't see a problem with being a larrikin OR a lout! :wink: )
  2. Out of idle curiosity, did they ask your permission to defame you?
  3. Exactly my thoughts.....
  4. Yeah totally... I was thinking where do they get off calling me either of those two things!!! :?

    But, whatever, I don't mind being either a Larrikin or a Lout I guess. Does make you wonder just what they are allowed to say about people without their permission, that's for sure!

    Edit: so the short answer is no...they did not ask. They merely took our photo on the first day of the olympics. People weren't over it then...so we were were asked to do a chant for French tv...there was about seven of us...then all the other tv and newspaper photographers got in on it. So there was a group of us chanting at a group of photographers..so a crowd gathered. We finished and all went our separate ways.
  5. Morbo28...

    Hmmm..let me see...they didn't consult you prior to 'defaming' you like that, in public view...
    Okay, this is simple : Do you need a(nother) new bike ? Parts ? Accessories ? Coz if you do, you can nail these b*stards :)

    Everyone's different, but I personally wouldn't allow anyone to take advantage of me.....

    But it does look as though you had a great time.. Good onya :)
  6. Meh...it's an interesting point as to whether they can do it or not, but I'm not losing sleep over it :grin: unless it does have an adverse effect on me in some way.

    I just had my first day of not feeling fluey in THREE WEEKS and today I was working at a site an hour away from home, where I commuted in the great weather on my sweet arse 675. It's kinda hard to maintain the rage in these circumstances!! :cool: :LOL:
  7. This could be your CHK CHK BOOM moment. :p