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Family racing at Isle of Man TT

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Dan76, Jul 10, 2010.

  1. Was chatting with my Grandfather in NZ today and was told his Uncle (my great great uncle) raced in the Isle of Man TT many many years ago. His name is Charles Goldberg, he raced a Velocette.

    Did a bit of digging and sure enough he raced in 1936 and came 6th. =D>

    Been trying to find some more info and photos but not much I can see so far.
    Found THIS on wikipedia.

    No wonder I enjoy riding so much, its in my blood!! :D
  2. Dont tell wayne gardner now (in 2010) he has decided he doesnt like the tt!
  3. Been looking through old family photo albums, I think this may be him...dunno.. 8-[

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  4. It is definitely not more dangerous now. Eeeek.
  5. Awesome you should be very proud! Good luck with finding more info\ pics.
  6. He hasn't decided he doesn't like it he NEVER liked it and he always said exactly that, right from the beginning. Yet even with his dislike for it he was prepared to put his neck on the line there in '81 but at the last minute was called away by Moriwaki to ride in Japan, despite everyone saying he never had the balls to ride there which is simply not true.
  7. Well Bazza that is just contradictory, if he feels so strongly about it why was he going to enter in the first place?
  8. For the start money just like he has been saying :cry:
  9. Lovely pic, any idea where it was taken?
  10. The history of the race is interesting... http://www.iomtt.com/History.aspx

    "It was during the early years that the Mountain Circuit was little more than a cart and horse track which included the odd gate between fields. It was the duty of the first rider round in the morning to open all the gates along the way, with the last rider responsible in shutting them."

    "The 1923 competition saw the introduction of the first Sidecar race won by Freddie Dixon and passenger Walter Perry. In the Junior 350cc Stanley Woods was to record his first of ten TT victories, the last one being in 1939. By 1938 the lap speed record had reached 91mph, a record held by Harold Daniell for a further 12 years."

    In 1938 they were averaging faster than top speed on a VTR250. Awesome race :D
  11. Thanks for that jaboltai, very interesting. Intend going over to the IoM next year, have a little job, but will leave lots of time to enjoy the racing. It is also the 30th anniversery of Kenny Blakes death, so a few other Aussies are also travelling over. In my spare time, beforehand, would like to do a bit of research on the history of this race, particularly the ANZAC connection.
  12. Another interesting fact about Harold Daniell was that he was rejected for military service in WW2 because of his poor eyesight.

    BTW my little book of TT results tells me Charles Goldberg also finished 15th in the Junior.
  13. Well it turns out that Charles Goldberg is not in that photo, the guy in the front was his mate.
    They apparently used to race dirt track/speedway together. This photo was taken at a dirt race in Auckland, NZ.

    Al did Charles come 15th in the juniors in the same year?
  14. Yes, same year also on a Velocette. These were his only starts in the IOM (although my book only goes up to 1953) so an outstanding achievement from a TT newcomer.
  15. This is a photo of Charles Goldberg competing in the IOMTT :)

    If anyone has any more info on him, please do share :D

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  16. Charles Goldberg was my grandfather, so I'm interested in this discussion and can add some more. Thank you for the picture posts, etc. Biggest thanks to Dan76. I'd be interested in getting a copy of the photo you got from the npi library. How exactly did you get that? I should be able to fill in some more info about Charles Goldberg when I talk with my dad, his son. I believe we have other photos too, and I'll try to post them. But I remember he had several motorcycles in his Auckland home, including at least one Velocette. He passed away in 1982, and my father sold off his bikes.

    Also, Dan76, we're related?! Who is your
  17. Wow! Small world!!

    I have sent you a Private Message. I look forward to finding out who you are etc. :grin:
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  19. lovely!