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Family members that can't drive - near miss with bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by shaneusername, Oct 20, 2006.

  1. Yesterday while in the car with my brother who simply cannot drive, you know the type - rarely indicates, never checks his blindspots, coasts around with the clutch in, that sorta shit.

    Anyway so we are cruising along one of the main roads and he goes "ooh bikes behind us" so naturally im bending my neck as far as i can to check it out, a huge touring bmw with all the gear, some monster triumph and a ZZR1100 from what I can see, "looks like a group of tourers, lucky mofos." says I.

    So we are driving along, BMW overtakes us a short while later the triumph overtakes us, then as we are moving along we need to change lanes from the left to the right, My brother glances in his mirror and moves across the lanes pretty quickly indicating halfway across as if to say "this is what im doing" not "im going to be going there" like indicators are meant to be used.

    Then SCREEECH the ZZR locks it up and manages to stay upright, "Oh I didn't see that bike" he says calmly and continues driving along like it didn't happen, "Holy shit!" says I "Are you fcuking retarted? You saw a group of bikes, and you still didn't check your blindspot, I really should punch you for that rider man because if you cut me off like that i'd want to punch you.

    I knew the rider had the experience to expect it and I expect it of drivers myself, I'd like to think my own family would take more care though especially when i've told them countless times to make sure they check, just wanted to vent here where people can understand as opposed to my mates that would say "well they are hard to see" not so hard if you move your head though, Idiots.

  2. Where does your bro live? i think we should all go and punch him for the ZZR bloke, just like birthday pumells at school but harder and in the head.
  3. i know the feeling.

    Dad rides too somost of the family ar pretty good with checking.. finally got my sister into the habit of indicating on occasion..... but Mum rules supreme as Mrs. Fly-By-Mirror. NEVER headchecks!!
  4. my old boy doesn't use his mirrors but he's been a professional dreiver for 30 years so he knows what's around him aat all times
  5. I'm with Woodsy. Whats your brothers address? :evil: :evil:
  6. Typical of the "jack" society we live in i'm afraid.
  7. Bullshit he didn't see them. He fcuking pointed them out to you. :?

    If you haven't punched him yet I strongly advise that you do so. I would suggest several punches. If you like we can organise to have a few netriders carry out a disiplinary beating on your behalf and that of riders in general. :wink: :)
  8. Do we get to wear our gloves?? you know, the ones with reinforced and armoured knuckles??
  9. This thread is a bit rich, expecting cagers to headcheck, what else do you guys want cagers to do? Perhaps no mobile phone use whilst driving, or Taxi’s to drive whilst adhering to the road laws? Whoops i forgot to mention that the motorcycling genie is on permanent vacation and no wishes will be granted, keep dreaming & keep punching :LOL:
  10. :twisted: Seany do u wana organise this in the rides and events :LOL:

    Professional driver or not... there's NO way you can know what's around you at all times without using mirrors :roll:
  11. [EDIT] Stupid server... double post - please delete
  12. Imagine a truck or bus driver not using their mirrors :shock:
  13. Put me down for the ride.
  14. They dont..... :shock:

    ok well most do :grin:
  15. It's scary to know what drivers out there are like. I just got back from a trip with someone else driving... all over the road, on the mobile while trying to change gears, indicating at random times, no head checks. It reinforced my awareness to not trust anyone to follow ANY rules or common sense. @@@k!
  16. Thanks for the offer guys, we live in the same house so we could even have some beers after we bash him but it'd be unfair to single him out from all the moron cagers and if we were to bash all the hopeless drivers we'd have no time to ride!
    just bothered me because I ride and he should know better as i've told him how easy bikes can be to miss.

    And yeah he did see the bikes earlier, but not when one was in his blind spot and he was cutting into their lane without headchecking.
  17. Edit - Double post my bad
  18. Just hope he learnrd something from it.
    If not, maybe you need to get someone to pillion him and show him what its like from our point of view.
  19. I would punch him.


    I know riders who would do a lot worse in that situation. You would be doing him a favour if moderate physical violence can teach him a lesson that will save him from nasty physical violence.
    Or worse: manslaughter charge.

    ZZR rider = Cptn Hazard Perception.

    Your brother owes him a beer.
  20. count me in for silly-driver-beating-ride :grin: