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family friendly?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by peter-reebok, Dec 4, 2009.

  1. I think I am about to leave my current employer due to their employee UNFRIENDLY policies.

    get this one.

    "Pete - do you have any committments over Xmas - We will be opening Boxing day and the Sunday, Could you work thru this period as well?"

    A one day xmas break?

    And I am not a junior employee - I am the finance and insurance manager for a major new car dealership.

    Am I justified in feeling like I am being used?

    I already work 6 days a week, and only get one day a week off (midweek). Holidays have to be agreed 3 months in advance - "please dont take more than a week at a time".

    Or is this the changing face of employment ?

  2. That's the auto industry for you - and with sales down, there's definite pressure to get the most out of staff for the least amount of money :/

    That said, I've never minded working around Xmas. Maybe a day or two off inbetween public holidays or after big nights, etc... but it's generally pretty darn quiet, so it's not much work for the cash.
  3. That IS the changing face of the workplace, but it still sucks.
  4. I'd say you're senior enough to tell 'em to stick it. The fewer employers that get away with crap like that unchallenged, the better.

    Of course, if you've no family and the money's right, that might be a different matter........
  5. +11ty Pat. Give them notice so it coincides with just the time they want you to work. That and stick some sugar in a few tanks on the last day!
  6. I do have a family, and $mil mortgages.
    But I am sick of promises, and so will have a 'considered' chat with them tomorrow after I sleep on it.
    Not in a position to act too hastily. Just turned 50 - so options are limited these days.
    Am a year ahead of mortgages, so might be time to have a holiday.
  7. Up to you, basically. I'm just working from my recent experience. Having decided I'm big enough and ugly enough and a desirable enough employee to be able to say "F*%k off, I'm not doing that" when my employers try it on, I've now done it a couple of times and been rather gratified by the results.

    Of course, next time I do it, it might be Centrelink time............
  8. Went in and had a 'chat'.
    A rather heated chat.

    Not sure if I achieved anything at all, but I felt better afterwards.

    Employer couldnt understand my ire. Whats the problem he says.

    Long term, I think the die is cast. They dont recognise anything other than the master/servant relationship. Anyone not understanding the servant part and their place in the system doesnt belong there.

    So the search will commence.
  9. Pete, I've been involved around the industry over 33 years. I've seen the way most Dealerships treat their employees, it's gone from bad to worse IMHO.
    Most are a selfish, greedy, self-centered bunch who could not care less about the welfare of those who enable them to live the lifestyle they enjoy.
    Kudos to You for standing up for yourself.
    Good Luck in your search.
  10. Same old motor industry story.
    I'll really hate to see what it's like in another 10/15 years, I know sales people have it rough with quota's etc, but we lowly mechanics are a dieing breed, not enough incentive to get new blood into the trade, and when we do the apprentices tell the supervisor what they will and wont do !

    I feel for you PR , I'm working xmas, boxing, nye and ny days ! I didn't get a choice either, at least our drivers get a good kickback thanks to their union.
    They get 4x normal rate from the time they clock on, plus extra time off later in the year.
    Workshop gets usual penalty rates .. 1.5 for 1st 3 hrs then 2x after that till we go home, end of story.

    I'm over this place and just biding my time till the house sells, then it's setting up and working for myself back in melb! :angel:
  11. Good Move Bob !