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'False Shifts'? - ZZR250

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Jmroscoe, Aug 22, 2013.

  1. Hi all, straight to the point: occasionally I'll be under moderate acceleration and find that when shifting up I get *full* travel of the shifter but the bike doesn't change gear.
    It's not a false neutral as I still have power in the gear I was in, it just doesn't change up until a second attempt at moving the gearshift.

    It usually does this in the moderate to higher rev range (north of ~8,000rpm) in 3rd, 4th or to 5th

    The bike is a 2002 Kawasaki ZZR-250 with ~21,000km in what I believe to be good mechanical condition as it starts and runs beautifully usually. Would it be some form of wear/damage to elements in the transmission and, if so, is this something serviceable on my lonesome or better left to the skilled?

    Thanks in advance for anyone that can bothered reading this and having a think about it!
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    Adjust your shifter down a bit and make sure you shift with authority. Also check the play in your clutch lever. Too loose or too tight can cause this drama. Should only have a couple mm before the clutch engages

    Oh yea, and check the chain tension too..
  3. Is the gearshift lever loose on the side of the gearbox?
    Check these bolts and nuts.
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    Gear shifter is well and truly tightened in all areas (double checked the ones you pointed out), feels slick as well in that regard. Also, the clutch has been adjusted to have what seems to be the correct amount of play before friction; shame that isn't the issue, would be well and truly a cheap and simple fix!

    Thanks for the efforts, appreciated
  5. did you check your chain as was suggested? can cause shift problems with gears
  6. I have this issue once in a blue moon on my zzr, just gotta show that lever whos boss ;) I find when I get overly complacent with changes and am just short of kicking it all the way in it does this, its almost like the bike is trying to save you from a false neutral?
  7. Hi Greg, the chain seems to have the correct amount of play with someone seated on it, just over an inch of movement which I believe to be correct?

    After I experienced it the first couple of times I was making very sure to be assured in my shifts - preloading the shifter before the shift then following through after clutch and and rev drop but it still happened a few times unfortunately!
    Also Enrgkid, just had a look at your blog - the new fairings look ace! I'll have to check back on it
  8. Thanks mate. Appreciate it love my new fairings. Trying to keep a blog of big things that happen too me on the bike!
  9. What do you mean by follow through?

    2nding above, the little kwakas like an authorative gear change - clutch in, gear lever up the whole travel (hold), clutch out, release gear lever. I used to get false neutrals everywhere on my little ZZR if I got lazy and let the gear lever drop before fully releasing the clutch.
  10. And when you clutchless change be very authoritative. Not that you need to clutchless on a 250 but if your experimenting make sure. The zzr is a s**tload of fun so just take your time and learn the bike and how it likes to be ridden

    Look at me handing out advice :p
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  11. Could it possibly be due to the viscosity of oil you are using. If it is too thick, then there could be enough oil drag on the gear at high rpm making it reluctant to shift, kind of the same effect as clutch drag? Should be using a 10w40 oil in them.

    Also they have a throttle which feels like its attached via an elastic band to controll the power output. This can lead you to beleive that you have backed off the throttle in order to change gears, but in reality you may have only come back from full throttle to half throttle, and the transmission is still under a little load making gearchange difficult.
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  12. I have 10w40 in my bike and its only about 3 weeks old, Like I said I occasionally get this issue when I become overly complacent in changing gears, just be assertive and ride them how they like to be ridden, take care of your bike and it will take care of you
  13. Back again after fiddling and messing with the advice you guys have given but to no avail unfortunately! The oil is fresh (500km old) 10w40 Castrol Motorcycle Semi Synthetic and all nuts and bolts in the shift linkage assembly are tight and moving smoothly.
    Had an experienced friend ride the bike for an hour and he noticed it too, "It only happened twice but when it did I pumped the shifter 2 or 3 times before it clicked into gear" were his words, possibly less confusingly worded than the way I put it.
    It's not every time which is what baffles me, trying to replicate it is difficult as it happens even when being precise and assertive in shifts.