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False raype claims

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by grue, Jan 19, 2010.

  1. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/hampshire/8466096.stm

    I'm glad to see the twunt going to prison for a while, but I think she's getting off too light. If you cry raype and are found to be lying about it, you should be going to prison for as long as the maximum sentence for someone convicted of raype.

    Yes, I know I'm spelling "raype" wrong, btu for some reason it's a censored word :-s](*,)
  2. A friend of mine thinks it should be equiv to premeditated attempted murder, since imprisonment is functionally equivalent to civil death. I like the way he thinks.
  3. "The court heard that England suffered from mental health problems and was receiving psychiatric help. "

    *cough* cop-out *cough* :nopity:

    Seriously, this happens all the time, anytime a woman commits DV, child molestation or these false **** allegations theres almost always an attempt to make her out to be the victim.

    As for the falsely accused:

    "I do not want to see a 21-year-old woman jailed but she knew I had been arrested and I was totally innocent"

    Dont be a white knighting soft cock.

    My opinion is that there should be a register for this kind of offense, like there is for paedophiles. The kind of people who make up such serious false allegations are likely to do it more than once.

    I think employers should have the right to take into account whether they want a known pathological liar as a member of staff.

    The overall point is right though, the high % of false **** allegations is and will continue to impact on real **** victims.
  4. Sounds like the kind of stunt my ex would pull.
  5. It's a lose/lose situation! :? ... each time this happens (cry wolf!) it's a loss to those who have suffered an actual, awful, experience... and it's a loss to the innocent people who's lives are impacted.

    She HAS to be mentally ill to have concocted the whole thing, but what the hell do you do with her.. and others like her?? :-k

    You can only hope that records kept etc, will ensure that she doesn't do it again in the future.
  6. It does and I'm going to court in a few months time to defend myself against new false allegations against me from my perpetually lying ex. She lied in court plenty of times last year and nothing was done of it. Apparently perjury isn't a serious offence for some but is for others.

    I found out she made horrible and worse allegations against her ex before me which would have seen him locked up had she been able to lie convincingly enough to the Magistrate.

    I'd simply hang people like this because they waste everyone's time/money (my total legal bill from last year was almost as much as what was paid into my bank account by my employer... and I'm staring down the barrel of at least $7k again in a few months time..... all for nothing because the vindictive biatch of an ex is abusing the system), put their falsely accused through a lot of turmoil/anguish due to the fact that it is guaranteed that at least some of their lies will be believed because they never believe everything each side says so depending on which lies are believed, the falsely accused potentially could end up with a criminal record, and at the end of it all the accuser get off without facing a penalty.

    What an idiot. Why let them get away with this shit? Having just read the article, my ex is the type who would punch and scratch herself then tell the police that I did it. She even once threatened me that she'd do it. Around the time I finally pulled the pin on her, I went to the police to ask them what would happen if she did something like this? They said they could only go by what is presented before them and that's that she would have bruises/scratches which would mean they'd have to take me away. I then said that I'm forewarning them that something like this could happen (self harm then making an accusation) and they said they'd still take me away.

    It's fkn great being a male defendant when going through the court system against a female. More often than not (in my experience), you get f88ked over. At best you get nothing and at worst you get nailed.
  7. Just fkn shoot them in the head then they won't be able to do it again. Harsh? Yes. Justified. Yes. Go through this shit yourself and see what your thoughts are on the other side of it.
  8. Oh man don't get me started on this topic, my opinions on "the man " are bad/loud enough -- but this type of action really gets me because so many innocent men can/have had their lives ruined.
  9. My uncle knows a guy, who knows a guy who was accused of raping some woman from his work, and it ripped his family and his entire life apart. He lost tons of money for legal crap, lost his job, but his wife took the kids and left him, and his parents (whom he had a good relationship with, visiting them every week and whatnot) wouldn't even so much as look at him. In the end he didn't get convicted, as he was innocent, but his life was stuffed.

    Don't know what happened after that, but these bitches should be shot. And shot again.

    Better yet, they should be burnt at the stake like a witch (in this case biatch).

  10. The NAZIS did that sort of thing in respect to the mentally disabled ---- so no support from me

    I suggest if proven to be falsified that the sentence imposed be the same as what the innocent party would have been given - if its 20 years - so be it.

    The only flip side with that is -- many true cases of **** may go unreported due to fear of retribution ( justified or not ). Even if it is a bonafide case and the smart defence lawyer somehow is successful -- what then ? Is it assumed the accusation is false ?
  11. The onus of proof would be the same as proving any other crime: Beyond a reasonable doubt.
  12. I understand but people can walk free based on a technicality
  13. I hear this justification but I dont buy it really.

    The charge of making a false allegation or perjury has to be proven the same as any crime.

    Its worth noting that investigations into false **** allegations are only showing proven cases of lying, and even then they can be upwards of 50%.

    This is the side of human nature I dont like, society would rather send many innocent men to prison then risk a rap ist being free (unless the ****** is female).
  14. It doesn't happen. I just deleted my spiel with specifics..... In short, women can get away with physical violence and allege the most horrible things against men to get them into hot water without the fear of retribution from the law for fabricating all of it. If they're a petite size 8 chick then they're guaranteed to get away with it. That's been my experience over the last 12 months so I'm not expecting it to be any different in a few months time. However, if she fabricates evidence (like she already has with an attachment to her affidavit) from supposed witnesses then I'm going to find it hard to avoid getting into some sort of trouble. Animals like this should be shot and then shot again for good measure.
  15. Better than wrongfully imprisoning them. It's the main reason I would absolutely love to be in favour of capital punishment on paper, but I can't be in practice:

    People are wrongly convicted.
    You can't unkill someone.
    If the state kills even just one innocent, it is state-sponsored premeditated murder, which I cannot condone.
  16. Gents -- I agree with you all and what you saying - dont get me wrong on that

    I am just trying to be objective

    I know and have seen the results of false **** claims and I have seen innocent men walk free but lives destroyed and the perjurer get away with it with a "stern warning"

    I dont like it any more than you men

    In fact I consider myself a mens/fathers rights activist ( as well as a civil libertarian ) - and I am a never married no kids bachelor.

    The legislators - (most of whom are emasculated men) have legislated into existence a matriarchal society - where testosterone is outlawed , banned and a social pariah.

    female teacher has sex with under age student -- gets a slap on the writs

    however a male teacher goes to gaol.

    This is why I chose not to marry or have kids -- if I do the law and odds are stacked against

    me, so I am happy to stay a part of the Ghost Nation  www.theghostnation.com
  17. That's a very, interesting, site you linked. Though some of what I just read seems a bit extreme to me, then I saw a bit to much religious stuff there. But is interesting.

    But I see what you mean, and it pisses me off a bit.

    Kind of like the music industry; any female with a shit voice can sing some shit about flowers and rainbows (or any crap) and it will be in the top ten for a month. Now there just seems to be song after song about some tramp being a slut. It's ruined the radio.
  18. Thats an interesting site. Doesnt seem to be secular anti-feminism though?

    I have taken an interest in studying feminism amongst other religions and social phenomena. I would like to study humans in peace but I realise Im stuck in the pit with everybody else.

    The connection between feminism and false **** claims are interesting. The middle aged proponents of feminism are most often in a predicament. They are most likely single, as they have focused on their careers and they must compete with younger women for a partner. A middle aged woman is at a biological disadvantage compared to a younger woman, who has the benefit of high fertility. These feminists have many ways of manipulating society that I could give as examples, but the most relevant is encouraging false and frivalous accusations of ****. For example in many places they have instituted the policy of diminished consent, so if a woman has any alcohol, a man can be charged with **** if he sleeps with her. Oddly, they miss that under such definition the woman would be raping the man too.

    To cut to the chase: ugly middle aged feminists want to make courting younger women as risky as possible, effectively culling the competition and leaving men with only the remainders as possible mates. Men instead are just not getting married. A smart move in this era.

  19. I like this one:


  20. It is anti -feminist -- I just referred you to the first page that explains the ghost nation

    men that are withdrawing from main stream society -- they are still part of it and interact with it when they have to - but stay under the radar with their lives and have realised that their life is not about keeping some woman happy or winning her approval or being a walking ATM - so they do things to improve themselves and their life.

    When i bought my bike -- I woke up one morning and said - I want a bike - and didnt have to explain my actions to anyone or get permission or whatever -- my decision only --- this way of life works best for me I have discovered -- I have achieved more in the last few years since not giving a damn about women than I had ever achieved up until that point