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False neutral or gearbox issues?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by anomalous, Sep 24, 2010.

  1. I have had a 2008 Honda CB600F hornet for about 2 months now. bought it secondhand from a dealer, with about 6000km on the clock.

    a couple of weeks ago, i was slowing down gently for a set of lights and as i changed between (i think) 4th and 3rd (tho could have been 3rd to 2nd) there was a bang, and the gearbox sounded like it was tearing itself apart. like something metal had broken off and was being chewed up by the gears. or a chain was jumping teeth on a cog or something. seemed also like the bike had dropped into neutral. i pulled on the clutch, coasted to a stop. tried to downchange, but didnt seem to be able to get a gear (sense of dread big now). eventually it seemed to go into gear. has seemed ok since, though i swear the gearbox sounds noiser than it did - kinda grindy, or bearing-problemy. I also think the upshifts are notchier now. this may be pure paranoia.

    i took the bike into the shop where i bought it, and their mechanic took it for a ride and said it felt and sounded fine. he changed the oil as a precaution, adjusted clutch free play and chain tension.

    So maybe i was just being paranoid, but I certainly didnt imagine that bang and metal-eating-itself noise, and cant help but be worried there is trouble ahead (bike is nearing end of its factory warantee too...)

    has anyone else had anything like this happen? or any mechanics out there want to comment? I think i'll go get a second opinion anyway, but its going to be hard to tell if there was any damage without opening up the box.



  2. If you are not comfortable you could drain the oil, and pop the engine casing off and take a look.
  3. Well, the fact that you kept going means that if something did wrench itself off, your engine would probably now be a $3000 collection of scrap metal pieces.
  4. the logic there being that since it is still running, and well enough for a mechanic to give it the thumbs up, that no damage was done? hmm. maybe. i used to race rally cars, and i once heard a similar noise (tho without being stuck in neutral) from a car mid stage. we kept going, finished the stage, but i drained the oil from the box and along with the oil, a gearbox synchro tooth came out... gearbox still seemed to work fine, but we rebuilt it anyway.
  5. gearboxes in bikes and cars are a bit different, in cars the box is sealed off form the engine, not so in bikes. A piece coming off in a cars gearbox will stay in the gearbox. A piece coming off in a bikes gearbox could get into the engine and do all sorts of damage. With pistons banging around at 10000rpm and 100kph I really wouldnt want them to be hitting something.
  6. I would definitely NOT be taking that mechanic's word that everything is OK.

    Put it this way, my gearbox now has 147,000 kms on it, with no problems; if you've had a serious graunch at just over 6,000 lms, you MUST get it torn down and checked. Something IS wrong, and the more you ride it the more chambers you load up in the gearbox Russian Roulette game you're playing....
  7. any tips on convincing a mechanic (not the dealer that said it was ok - i'll go to a different mechanic) to open it up and inspect as a warrantee job?

    ive treated the bike very gently since getting it, while i get used to it, so its not like its a failure brought on by being hammered.
  8. well it's a 2008 model, so it's out of new warranty, and unless you got a warranty on it from the second-hand dealer, you're probably going to have to pay for the fix. I assume the mechanic who looked at it and said it was ok was from the re-seller? You'd expect him to say that if it was still in a second-hand warranty; he didn't want to have to bear the cost of the repair.
  9. its still got a few months of factory warrantee left. any time in those three months i can also extend it for another 2 years
  10. well in that case, go back to an official Honda dealer and state your case
  11. That's just the issue. It was an official Honda dealer mechanic who I just took the bike to, and who pronounced it fine without opening it up to check. I felt like i'd been given the brush off.
  12. I think you're right!

    Is there another Honda dealer in the area?

    If not, can you contact Honda direct with your concerns?
  13. Start recording everything in writing then. Dates noises happened, dates action taken, responses given etc.

    I would go back and tell them you do want the bike back until gearbox stripped has been stripped down and looked at and compensation for your losses in the meantime. While it probably wont work, it will show them you are serious and you want it properly checked not an offhand "yeh it's all good".

    And +1 to everything hornet said.