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Falls Creek Snow in May?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Beza, Apr 5, 2016.

  1. A few mates and myself have a three day trip planned the end of May, part of the trip involves heading from Tintaldra to Omeo (Tintaldra, Gundowring, Falls Creek, Omeo) - Google Maps

    Does anyone know what the weather conditions would be like at that time of the year up there, any chance of snow or frost I should be concerned about?

  2. Snow, unlikely since the season doesn't start until approx. mid-June.
    Frost, almost definantly going over the top of Falls Creek if you're hitting it early morning. I'd be ensuring your planning to go through in the middle of the day.
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  3. MouthMouth That's a good point, we'll probably get to Falls creek about 1.30ish
  4. Should be fine, will likely be around 5 degrees at that time (on an average day) on Fals Creek. Rug up - wind chill factor will make it bitter.
    Of course, take it easy though - conditions could be risky if you hit a cold weather period.
  5. Yeah that's my main concern if the weather gets a bit sketchy on the day the plan is to leave at 10am and get into Omeo around 4pm this gives us a few rest stops along the way. I just don't want to get held up too much and be travelling in the dark. I might make a plan B route just in case the weather turns for the worse.
  6. Supposed to be snow to 900m,that's pretty low in Tassie in a day or so and the Alps 2 or 3 days after that. Its snowed in December before. Its The Alps. If you read the weather maps the second cold front in line to arrive accross the bite has speckle cloud behind it, that's a snow map. Long time ski enthusiast.
  7. Could be a fair chance of snow in late May as ski season officially starts Queen's birthday weekend, you would also run into the same problem with plan b as Hotham is a similar altitude to Falls Creek, plan c could be through Tallangatta - Omeo Hwy - Mitta Mitta - Angler's Rest - Omeo if the weather outlook is unpleasant, just keep up to date with the forecasts and keep your options open and flexible and as MouthMouth said - rug up
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  8. Rug up and wear a whole bear suit ..its fricking cold ! Im pretty sure Falls creek road is closed when it starts snowing, best to check the local website for road closures as well. Just came back from Falls creek a few weeks ago and it was already down to 8 degrees ( felt like 2 degrees ) be prepared for crazy weather change,we pretty much had various weather from around 6 degrees or so up to 25 degrees in the space of 8 hours .

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  9. Is Mitta Mitta all sealed?
  10. Yep, been sealed for a couple of years, as BeeBee said the Bogong High Plains Road is closed over snow season but the GAR over Mt Hotham is cleared and open year round, plenty of up to date info available at the time you may just need to be flexible in your route selection, excellent roads which ever you choose. So many roads - so little time
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  11. The highest point on the Omeo Highway, near Mount Wills, is around 1500m. I think Hotham is around 1800m and Falls slightly less.
    Most recent years the roads to the ski resorts have seen no more than a day or two of snow before the season start in June, but there's always a slight risk.
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  12. I did Hotham a coupe of weeks ago and visibility was down to 5m from blowhard to dinner plain with sleet the entire way and 2 degrees temps, obviously the roads were wet at this point too, but once you cleared here is was great going. I'd think in our case Falls would have been the better option for us., but hey I dont mind a challenge, and I've got heated grips so cold isnt too bad for me.
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  13. Just did Harrietville to Paynesville Via Hotham on the weekend.
    Clear Blue Skys but windchill was up at the summit.
    Its was cold enough to be wary of black ice.
    Consider contacting Hotham a day or 2 out for weather conditions.
    They will give you a better indication than an app on ya phone.
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