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Falls Creek Ski Weekend

Discussion in 'VIC' started by doonx, Feb 23, 2005.

  1. ******** THREAD UPDATED ********

    Here we go :

    39 Interested Attendees at this stage, 12 Reconfirmed:

    Doonks & Tam (my +1) - Reconfirmed :D
    ducky - Out :(
    matt232 - Reconfirmed :D
    VTRbob - Reconfirmed :D
    shabby & +1
    Cowboy1600 & +1 - Out :(
    Pink Angel
    firefling - Reconfirmed :D
    Johnny O
    Urban & +1 - Reconfirmed :D
    Russell & +1 - Out :(
    insano - Reconfirmed :D
    Jimi & +1
    Flymo Rider & +1 - Reconfirmed :D
    Boogieman - Out :(
    GPX_Manda - Out :(
    Kaos & +1
    Kyzmos - Out :(
    mat - Out :(
    Gromit & +1 & 2x +2 - Out :(
    Untame_me - Reconfirmed :D
    Mouth & Titania - In but now Out :(
    Demaros - Reconfirmed :D

    I am taking into consideration that a LOT of people indicated they were quite inexperienced or had no experience at all when it comes to skiing or snowboarding. There was also a few people that said they really wanted to stay on snow and get the "snow village" experience.

    Experience also tells me that when it comes time to forking over the $$$, we will lose about 50% of the people. Snow sports are not cheap.

    We can go in peak season, pay peak prices for accommodation and give ourselves the best bet when it comes to snow depth and quality. Or we can shoot for the first weekend in shoulder season, pay lower accommodation prices and take the risk on the snow. It makes no difference to me and Tam as we have season tickets for Hotham/Falls.

    I propose that Falls Creek will offer the best overall deal for everyone who has said they're interested. It has a wealth of beginner / intermediate terrain as well as offering some fun stuff for those of us that know what they're doing. It also has a really well laid out village with ample accommodation in self contained / lodge or apartment style.

    This is a good link to have a look at the accommodation offered : http://ski.com.au/accommodation/fallscreek.html . Also have a look at http://www.fallscreek.com.au/accom/default.asp

    Given the size of the group, it is far far easier that everyone book and pay for their own accommodation. I can certainly give whatever advice I can.

    Things to remember when considering your costs

    Transport : (Petrol etc - car pooling or minibus hire is encouraged)
    Resort Park Entry : Motor Vehicle Entry is $25.00 per day.
    Oversnow Taxi : (you will need this unless you want to drag all your gear up the hill) - $27.60 return per adult, $18.30 per child under 15yrs
    Lift Tickets : $85 per day adult / $163 - 2 day adult pass / $72 per day student / $140 - 2 day student pass
    Ski/Snowboard hire : http://www.fallscreek.com.au/gear/default.asp
    Food : ???
    Drink : ???????????????????????

    As an example of mid range lodge style accommodation, I have stayed at and can recommend :

    Diana Lodge :
    1 Night -
    $145 per adult - 21 August to 10 September
    $180 per adult - 31 July to 20 August
    $360 per ROOM (2 adults + 2 kids) or (3 adults) - 11 September to Season Close
    INCLUSIONS :Prices per person include Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

    You can of course get more motel styled accommodation, fully self contained accommodation. I suggest you all have a look, see if you want to share with others and who with and what rates you can get for 2 or 3 bedroom places etc.

    Other places I know are good up there are

    Alpine View Apartments
    Snow SKi Apartments
    Cedarwood Hotel Motel Apartments - (can expect $75 pp/pn in rooms for 2 to 4 people)
    Viking Alpine Lodge
    Halley's Apartments

    I'm sure there are a lot of other good places as well.

    NOW : WHEN ???

    Best snow is usually in August. However, you can be reasonably assured of having a real good time well into September. It seems the first weekend that the cheaper rates come into play is Friday/Saturday September 16/17.

    #1 - please reconfirm that you're interested
    #2 - please indicate what weekend you are willing to go

    Doonks :D
  2. Hmm...
    Can you get chains for motorbike tyres?

    Then there's the problem of the roof rack for the skis....
  3. Totally depends on what country my work decides I'm going to be living in at the right time, but I'm definitely interested.
  4. ScooterHott - no, use your 4WD :wink:
  5. I'll be in that!
  6. MMM snow bunnys 8)

    or do i just take my own ?

    Um better put myself and Emjaye down as a BIG yes, seeing as we where only talking about this very subject last night
    8) :twisted: :LOL:
  7. yeah me and the missus, we're up there all the time anyways
  8. yep + 1.

    fcuking too short......
  9. I absolutely Love the snow. I have not been for so long though. :cry:
    But I would definately be interested in staying on the mountain, depending on what weekend it fell on. :)
  10. Count me in!

    :D :D :D
  11. I might be interested. Depends on the weekend, duration and pricing :)
  12. Yes Please
  13. Depending on the weekend (race weekends), I could be up for it.
  14. Yep + 1

    What hill you thinking of?
  15. bit early to say right at the moment. I think it might be better to assess everyone's skill level and pitch it accordingly.

    I go to an annual event at the end of July that is held at a different resort around Australia each year and gets 60-80 Skiers & Boarders. The absolute best years have been the ones where everyone skis etc together, no matter how good, bad or laughable they are. It's as much about the group enjoyment and socialising as it is about skiing & boarding.

    The other to keep in mind, is on snow accommodation is WAY higher than off snow. Off snow is (obviously) cheaper but you have to travel up and down the hill each day. I'm sure we'll come up with as good a compromise as is possible, but never ever forget that you can't ever please everyone all the time. I've done this a few times, there'll be tears, there always is :)
  16. Uhh, maybe - as long as I have at least a months notice to organise work around it.

    Also, I've never even seen snow. I'm likely to break a leg so may need to be nursed. While my leg's in plaster. Beside an open fire. With a good brandy in hand.

  17. I'm sure that can be arranged.....snow bunnies and nurses....I think this could be a popular weekend! :twisted:

    :D :D :D
  18. Wait, I get Snow Bunnies AND Nurses?

    If that's the case, can I just stay home where it's warm and dry and have the snow bunnies and nurses come to me?
  19. That's not the way it works, young man! They come to you if you PAY.......

    :D :D :D
  20. Do you take Visa? Personal cheque?