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falling roof beams O.o

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Filo01, Dec 12, 2007.

  1. last night me & a couple of mates helped a friend move into his new apartment in stkilda. We were setting up his punching bag & wat not, mate decided to hang the 150kg bag & the 50kg lite bag, on the same roof beam without telling anyone.

    a good 30 minutes into the move, we hear this god awful creaking noise, look up & the freaking garage roof beam is bending in half, i've never seen anything like it, a few secs later roof beam snaps & falls. no one was hurt & the garage roof hasn't fallen down lucky, mate need a new lite bag though lol.
  2. One of the low cross-beams?

    lol sillys!

    Hang it from the big long one that goes along the top. That's the strongest.
    We hung a VTR1000 SP2 off one of those beams to change the steering head bearing, no worries :cool:
  3. honestly i'm unsure, i was struggling with his furniture lol