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Fallen bike. Oil, coolant. Help Please.

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Seany, Dec 11, 2005.

  1. Well, Seany's bike must be cursed. :(

    Just about to leave for the toy run, left the bike to shut the gate. As I reached the gate I hear a thump. Few scraches and a broken clutch lever.

    More importantly, I haven't lost any oil or coolant but both warning lights are on. Why would this be and how doI fix it to at least meet up at Albert park or the city?

  2. Seany, if it was on its side for a while then the fluids may have drained from the float switches.
  3. Yeah, I thought that might be the case. How long do you think it'll need to sit before the fluid settles. It's been a while and no change yet. The oil hasn't settles down the sight glass yet either.
  4. If you deinaetley haven't lost any oil then its obviously still in there so assuming it was correct before the fall I would undo the oil filler cap a bit incase it has an airlock and turn the engine over- but hey its not my bike
  5. What about the tepreture light. That one's got me stumped cause it's still on.
  6. Still thinking about that again it may be an airlock
    I see your spellings as bad as mine
  7. Seany as I said before if it was right before the fall and you haven't lost any fluids I would start it for a minute or two and then re-checkit. I would do this if it was my bike
  8. thanks mate.

    Yeah, I do make a lot of spelling mistaques but I just blame them on bad tieping. lol

    Edit: Got it going happy. Had a great day out. Duck tape makes the clutch lever look legal enough to use until I order a new one. :)