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Falco Axis how waterproof

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by kyan, Jul 11, 2008.

  1. Just bought a pair of falco axis boots. I am interested in hearing from anyone who owns some with regards to how rainproof they are. I guess

    I'd find out next time it pelts down, but anyway...

    Also, is there any product you can apply to help with the waterproofing?


  2. Ive had a pair for just over 6 months now and so far they have been very good.
    Very comfortable and to date i have never had any water get inside.
  3. ahh crapper I have this in the wrong section. sorry mods
  4. :rofl:
  5. Sheesh didn't you listen to your sales assistant :p

    Especially when her name is Tanya :LOL:
  6. hahahaha did you serve me today?

    yes yes I listened u were great.
  7. :grin:
    Glad you are happy with them :)
  8. Had mine about five months and chuffed with them.....comfortable to ride and walk.....so far seems weatherproof.......get asked about them often enough too, I think people liker the look of the ankle/heel protection.
    Just look after them mate with a clean more than once a century :LOL: and rib a good waterproofer or Dubbin into them regular..........

  9. I've had a pair for about 2 months. So far been very happy with them. To be honest I haven't ridden in the rain yet, however I'm told they are waterproof, and everyone here says the same, so that works for me!