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Fake VMC Facebook page

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Wolve, Jul 1, 2015.

  1. Greetings all. Hesitant to give this oxygen at all however a continued series of postings has raised the irrelevance to concern.

    There is a fake Facebook Page called "VMC" - Victorian Motorcycle Council

    It was created by the Independent Riders Group Spokesperson and Independence Day Rally organiser Dale Maggs.

    One wonders what possible motive he has for this.
  2. to be a pain in the arse like normal?

    Real group can get facebook to act on this btw.
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  3. It's actually more difficult than you can imagine to get Facebook to do anything. Dale cyber squatted the page before the real VMC was relaunched when he heard about it being an replacement option back when he and Codognotto were trying to gain control of the MRAV in 2011. I'm still left pondering how much this actually strengthens his cause as it would appear just to be a vindictive behaviour that only shows the juvenile delinquent level of his lobbying efforts. Very credible, not.
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  4. Has anyone bothered to take him to task over it?
  5. Does the content appear to try and cast VMC in a poor light?
  6. The mere suggestion that IRG and VMC are somehow united, as the faceplant page seems to suggest to a casual arrival via normal search result, is a very real slur on the what the VMC stands for and by extension the reputation of the real VMC.
  7. Given that the real VMC is a legal incorporated body complete with an ACN number, it shouldn't be too difficult to convince faceplant that this fake page is no more than cyber squatting by unscrupulous individual(s).
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  8. Yes. I'm told he's made a claim on his personal Facebook page that he has the right to it but I cannot verify this as I am blocked from that page. I cannot imagine what basis such a claim would be on other than he made the page first, which is again, rather juvenile and easily discredited. It always pains me to engage with these guys as we all suffer from credibility loss when we're seen to be fighting in public. They should just go do their thing and let the VMC guys do their thing without the acrimony. But I believe it belies the true intent of why they say they speak for motorcyclists which is more about self aggrandisement and attention seeking than rider rights. We seem to be just a vehicle for the ego of a bunch of narcissists.
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  9. Not exactly. That would see Facebook take action very quickly. It's more a case of misrepresenting what the VMC is doing by fooling anyone who likes it into believing they're liking the actual VMC and then following whatever posts he's putting up. There are some replies from people praising him for the good work. He's heavily promoting an event he appears to be the organiser of which is something the real VMC is talking to the United Motorcycle Council about.
  10. Indeed, a series of photos of a letter sent to the Attorney General on this page signed by Dale Maggs could be misconstrued as being endorsed by the real VMC. The intent to mislead is very clear. Seriously, what a bizarre and incredulous way to promote a cause for honesty and integrity in government. By misleading and deceptive tactics? I'm sure the organisers of the Rally being organised in their name would be outraged at this behaviour.
  11. I would agree, there is no doubt as to what the truth is and the documented evidence is not hard to prove it. However, Facebook don't seem to want to be involved until a paid legal service is engaged to protect the interests of any intellectual property or having enforcement agencies press charges under passing off law.
  12. You're right about the infighting not doing 'the cause' any good. And I suppose if enough people become aware that his page is not the real one it will only serve to clearly display his pettiness and stupidity.
  13. WolveWolve here's the justification - now remember to breathe.

    Dale Maggs
    Yes Rodney Brown I established the Original page even before the Alternative group registered their intention to form as an incorporated Entity with ASIC
    I was a member of the MRA
    Who opened the VMC up as a group 16 plus years ago & was president of the MRA for several years creating a stable financial foundation which funded the VMC
    The VMC was contained & maintained as a proxy group in the event that the MRA should become none existent this was done by Detlef Lamp a MRA member who reported to the board on the VMC financial status!

    = = = =
  14. One can only hope so. Though it would appear his mates fully support his claims.
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    Last edited: Jul 6, 2015
    well, clearly he has issues.

    So he openly admits he cyber squatted it - great!
    "alternative group" - that would be the original Victorian Motorcycle Council incorporated in 1996 by the then MRAA, BMWMCC and Ulysses club. Just a little bit before 2011 I think.

    Dale Maggs was President of the MRAA from 2004 to 2006 (correction - 2005-2006). "stable foundation" - 2004 was the year after the whole board quit after the threats, court case, intervention order and debt demands from Codognotto. A debt he has never proven. This was the same year the Levy was brought in. The next year was a farce of infighting with Codognotto which saw him expelled and the TAC stopped sponsoring the Toyrun because Codognotto kept bagging them. The last year was the infamous SPG punch up and the funds and membership continued to dwindle with Codognotto continuing to attack the MRAA board and denying he'd been expelled. Extremely stable, I think not.

    Over time the MRAA membership had enough and was split between Codognotto supporters and those who wanted a professional, consultative and less combative approach to lobbying. The MRAA became the MRAV, mended fences with the other MRAs and councils around Australia but in the end it closed through lack of interest. The members voted to pass on its' intellectual property and assets (what was left) to the VMC which was then re-invigorated to what it is today. I have all the documentation and factual evidence to show this as I was the elected president that closed the MRAV.

    Detlef Lamp was the VMC secretary up until 2010 and had nothing to do with it after then. Dale is full of misinformation, hate and a very distorted view of what happened. Perhaps he is still seething from the 2011 MRAV AGM when the members voted not to close it by one vote, but agreed to pass on the lobbying effort by 96% agreement. Let's not forget his claims that the MRAA stopped the MC Tolls on City Link...

    The VMC has gone on to be incredibly influential with the Parliamentary Inquiry into Road safety 2012, a Parliamentary hearing into the TAC advertising, multiple submissions to various Roads authorities, holding the Road Safety Camera Commissioner to account for his calls for FNP, instigating the CoM motorcycle plans and is an integral stakeholder on the implementation of filtering in Victoria. The VMC has worked a plan for filtering with MA since 2011 and has multiple representatives on the VicRoads advisory group. The VMC is also a member of the AMC and works closely with all other representative groups around Australia.

    As in incorporated association, it unites various clubs including Ulysses, BMWMC and AMTRA. It would be good to see the numbers swell if more clubs can offer support. It also instigated an individual membership with Road Side Assist provided by the NSW MC Alliance for those not in a club. All in all, a force for uniting and professionally representing riders, clubs and the whole motorcycling community to government.
  16. How hard is it to bombard their page and let em know they are fake?
  17. I was thinking of posting something, but he can delete posts and block users. So it is only a temporary solution.
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  18. Is there any effect to be achieved by the VMC sending him a cease and desist type letter? Even better if the VMC has a legal representative to send it on letterhead? I realise this may equate to pulling the lid off the can of worms.
  19. So cease and desist posts have been made.

    Dale has utterly ignored legal letters in the past. He's happy to play brinkmanship and take it to court as it feeds his narcissism and feeds his goal of distraction.

    The page has been reported and legal proceedings aimed at facebook will be needed to encourage them to investigate. It seems that they instituted this step to filter out spurious activities - only serious complaints would raise legal action. It's on the cards.

    A thread like this and other direct emails bring the credibility of the person into direct view. If the page doesn't get shut down then at least we can minimise the damage that can be done by letting relevant people know what's going on.

    I can't even begin to fathom the strategic benefit to Dale and indirectly to IRG in having their credibility completely kneecapped by running this page and openly admitting that it is a fake page. Very strange.
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  20. They're Damian and Dale's middle names. ;)
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