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Fake nipples

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by randy_rider, Jan 13, 2006.

  1. :LOL: :LOL:
  2. I must comment here, re ladies who use body shaping devices & addons.
    Use corsets, butt enhancing equipment, padded bras, even the one to lift & seperate. And enhance there figures they do.
    My question is, what happens when you take all this apperal off. Usually infront of your husband (partener) back to where we were.
    Then look at it this way, the lady has picked up a date for the night. looking great, when she drops her gear, the bubble would burst dont ya think. Bloody hell. Maybe that is they get the saying. Chew your arm of rather than wake her in the morning.
  3. Hardly! She is getting her gear off, be pretty happy with that fact right....and really "you dont look at the mantle while you're poking the fire".

    She has her gear off, relax and enjoy, dont start picking on her physical featuree, she may do the same thing to you :)

    The important question is, why is randy looking at fake rubber body parts websites? Female ones? Do you have a manual transmission?
  4. Who doesn't?
  5. I'm might put a couple down my pants and see if they work half as well down there!
  6. They're called 'beer goggles' mate and they don't wear off until the next morning... :LOL: by then its all over and the mission has been accomplished, therfore the 'equipment' has worked.

    If it not beer goggles then the 'light swtich' is another rather effective tool at accomplishing the 'mission' :wink:
  7. Kurtis
    Are you saying the more one drinks, the better they look. It have realized, how on the odd occasion, I have worken up with the odd horror.
    And Jimmy my man, I am very much older than you. I look after myself, there for am glad to let a lady see me. ( lights on )
    I read an article just recently. People who dont look after them selves, have no respect for them selves, or who there with. To each there own.
    Ya gotta laugh hey.
  8. I'm saying it has happened in the past...alcohol does funny things to ones mind :p

    I don't drink these days and agree with your statement regarding health and respect for yourself.
  9. Hey Kurtis,
    The main reason it dont happen to me all that much is cos im'e ugly.
  10. does make-up count? i reckon that's cheating too :p
  11. That was Sam Newman who said that...
  12. Yeah OK OK Point taken.
  13. yeah you hear the stories...I've heard about guys living with chicks who won't let them see them without make up on.

    In fact I dated a girl once who I did not get to see without make-up on for about 6 months when I was quite young...one day she turned up at my house without it on and she DID look quite different, not in a bad way but it surprised me a little so I said "oh you haven't got your face on today?" :LOL: she didn't like that very much :?
  14. Oh thats just GREAT. I already have minor whiplash from the lovely ladies in the summery dreses and short shorts and now this! Definitely the work of satan, I knew I liked him for a reason. What are the chances these were invented by a bloke??
  15. ferk !! whats going on there.. :?
  16. damn.. that is cheating!!!

    what they should do is release these with a pierced nipple look... now that would SERIOUSLY grab my attention. hahaha.
  17. haha 6 months! at least it wasnt like ewww gross when you did see her without it :p

    i dont know what's going on nowdays.. seems like every female from about 12 onwards is covered in it
  18. there is a fake nipple eating scene in mallrats.