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fake CBR250RR ???

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Anthony, Jan 19, 2006.

  1. I have found a very nice 1990 CBR250 for sale with Repsol paint scheme. On the compliance plate it says CBR 250 R. Does that mean it is a CBR250R and not a RR??? The thing is that it has double front discs, gull wing swing arm, sculptured tank and even a MC22 marking on the steering head (but it is either crossed out or accidental scratch).

    The guy told me that all CBR250RR gets complied with that plate and number, is that right??? Or is this guy actually has a CBR250R and added all the RR accessories??

    Please help.

  2. Might be a wrecked 250R that's been refitted with RR parts? I'd trust the compliance plate first and suspect that any RR parts were added afterwards.
  3. Mines the same way... on the noise sticker tho it says RR... I've heard stories of it being cheaper to compliance a R instead of a RR...
  4. i'd go with what cathars said there, i dont think they made RRs till 94?
  5. my cbr250rr (and it is an actul one) was also complianced as a single r..

    several other mates have also found this. i also suspected it was chepaer to comliance as a single r.. will look further into it
  6. Many are rego'd as the 'R' version because of this. In the end it makes no difference, apart from cheaper compliance costs for the dealer/importer.
  7. this happens to many times bike shops spray up
    single r's in the double r graphics . and flog them off to young mainly guys as double r's .
    hard when you look at it and see a big RR on the side
    traps the people who may not be switched in

    hate it!!
  8. Every cbr250 i have ever seen has been complianced as a single R.
    The easiest way to tell if it's a R or a RR is to look at the brakes, The R has one disk and the RR has 2.
  9. yes true but also there are other details. one being the revs ona rr goes to 21 grand.. i do believe on a single r it revs out to 20 grand
  10. more details to add to the mix - the single R has 3 spoke wheels, andthe double R has 6 spoke rims

    and the bracket that holds the exhaust (and has the pillion foot thingy i think) is shaped like an 'A'(RR) instead of an upside down 'V'(R)